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What style do you personally call your own? Don't be alarmed if you haven't figured yours out yet, or, if you're wondering if you have any. We all have individual style. Also, people sometimes like to add a personal touch to their look that eventually becomes a "signature" -- a distinction that sets one apart from the crowd. The way we feel about ourselves, along with lifestyle choices, is a major contributor of how we dress. A person forms their personal style early on in life, whether influenced by mothers, celebrities, films, or just about anything else that inspires us. Additionally, this may happen later in life when people become more confident of who they are. Also, style types can shift many times. Furthermore, it's quite common to have a combination of styles that cross over. For example, if your style is Posh Eclectic you may also feel the inclination to gravitate towards Bohemian at different times in your life. The majority of women, like myself, have an eclectic style. One's own sense of style is like a soft, warm security blanket in this respect -- with emotional/psychological factors coming into play since a sense of style becomes a question of one's own personal identity. Asking women to change personal style is like asking them to give up a part of who they are. Whatever makes you comfortable should be the first priority no matter what, however, it's nice to get out of your safe zone occasionally if only to experiment. I'm posting a guide outlining many different styles, along with key pieces that may be included to personify and create looks for each. I'm also including a basic personality description on each of them, and, adding a list of iconic women or influences that exemplify them in order to fully identify the styles you fall into.

On signature style: A signature is an identifying factor that allows you to stand out in the crowd -- a personal feature that sets you apart from others. It can vary from wearing a unique perfume or through the use of accessories. For example: a signature scent is a unique perfume that's out of the ordinary and not available at mass market -- perhaps a wonderful exotic perfume you purchased out of the country. Another example can be an accessory that you perpetually wear on a daily basis, such as a lucky charm. A signature can also be your overall look, such as, always being dressed in black, or the same hairstyle, etc. A signature does not even have to be a material item. For example, think Julia Roberts and her boisterous laugh. If you find you don't have a certain signature and would like to be known for one just grab a journal and start writing things that make you stand apart. Have fun exploring your uniqueness. Stay beautiful! XOXO


Style Inspiration Icons Past & Present:Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Saberg, Mia Farrow, Audrey Tatou, Sophia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst. Also think Japanese school girl look.

Your Gamine Personality:sweet, boyish charm, very young & fragile, a more mature version of a school girl, varsity sweaters, a mix of American classic with a hint of French nuance, very cute, tomboy but feminine.

Gamine Wardrobe Essentials:ballet flats, baby doll & tunic dresses, striped tops, round collar blouses, cigarette pants, varsity tops, little black dress, classic white shirt, trench coat and smock jacket.

Gamine Colors,Textures,Patterns: red, navy, black, white, stripes, tiny floral prints, chambray, denim, khakis, cotton, polka dots, box pleats, opaques and gingham's

Gamine Makeup & Hair: pony tail, pixie cut, bob cut, bangs, nude lips, fresh foundation, long eye lashes, Bambi and wide eye panda eyes.

Gamine Accessories: striped beanie, tiny charm necklace, espadrilles, over sized scarf, skinny red belt, stainless steel watch

Wear: Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Gap, Banana Republic

Movies To Watch For Inspiration: 


Style Inspiration Icons Past & Present: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Stevie Nicks, Drew Barrymore, Jade Jagger,

Your Bohemian Personality: free spirited, earthy & flashy, gypsy inspired, eclectic, barefoot on the beach, low maintenance, panache for mixing up pieces, loose and flowy vibes, mother earth & nature lover, new age

Bohemian Wardrobe Essentials: vintage pieces, long flowing skirts, maxi dresses, leggings, floral tunics, Indian inspired tunics, eclectic accessories, peasant skirts, tiered skirts, ethnic prints, furry vests peasant blouse

Bohemian Color,Textures,Patterns: crochet, glitter, beading, fur, gauze, ethnic patterns, embroidery, leather, wood, shells, brocades, stones, multiple prints, earth colors, red, purple, blue, floral, multicolor, velvets, feathers.

Bohemian Makeup & Hair:  minimal foundation, rosy lips, smoky eyes, bronzer, earth tone color palette, rich jewel tones for evening look, curly & wavy hair, effortless loose locks, multi braids and loose knotted hair.

Bohemian Accessories: feather earrings, leather sandals, layered beaded necklace, natural stone cocktail ring, leather cuffs, ethnic hobo, sequin scarf, velvet bags, furry boots.
Wear: Mod Cloth, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, Stella McCartney,

Movies To Watch For Inspiration: 


Style Inspiration Icons Past & Present: Debbie Harry, Marianne Faithful, Patti Smith, Kate Moss,Kristen Stewart, Pink, Katy Perry

Your Rock Chic Personality: love to wow & shock, strong and wild, party girl, like to sleep late, edgy and sexy.

Rock Chic Wardrobe Essentials: leather jacket, skinny jeans, tee shirts, skull,cross and dagger jewelry, black biker boots, fish nets, black tights, motorcycle jackets, metallic and sequin clothes, military jackets, stud and chain details, concert tee's

Rock Chic Colors,Textures and Patterns: mohair, Sequins, ripped denim, leather, studs, metal, skull prints

Rock Chic Make Up  Hair: strong black smoky eyes, nude lips, red lip, dark glitter, nude foundation, bedhead, slept in sexy look

Rock Chic Accessories: dagger necklace, skull & bones charms, studded bracelet, over sized cocktail rings, large black slouchy bags, fringed scarf, evening clutch with metal trim

Wear: Alexander McQueen, Daryl K, Top Shop, Express Shops, Vintage Shops, Trash & Vaudville

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:


Bombshell Style Inspiration Past & Present: Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Bridgette Bardot, Dita Von Teese, Rose McGowan, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Halle Barry

Your Bombshell Personality: playful, sexy, love male attention, kittenish, vintage high glamour, live in curve enhancing outfits, diva like, head tuner, soft & kissable, coy and seducing

Bombshell Wardrobe Essentials: pencil skirts, fur, diamonds, angora sweaters, pedal pushers, high waist clothing, bustiers, lace, high heels, tight fitting tops, high waist coats, thick belts, corsets, feminine frilly fitted dresses, luxurious gowns, sexy secretary look, see through fabrics, puff sleeves, satin & lace tap pants and bra, bow tier chiffon blouses

Bombshell Colors,Textures & Patterns: lace, fake fur, lots of pink, nude colors, lots of reds, tiny polka dots, silk and satin, leopard prints, narrow stripes, sequin, gingham, velvet, diamante studs

Bombshell Make Up & Hair: smooth porcelain skin, red hot lips, nude eyes with super thick long lashes, cat eyes, wavy tousled hair, soft & feminine hair, sexy full up-do, loose bun

Bombshell Accessories: diamond brooch, leopard print heels, satin platform mules, waist cinching belt, black leather opera gloves, cloche hat, cocktail jewelry

Wear:Bebe, Dolce & Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood, Vintage Retro Glamour

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:


Androgynous Style Inspiration Past & Present: Marlene Dietrich, Annie Lennox, Tilda Swan,  Marilyn Manson, Angelina Jolie

Your Androgynous Personality:self confident, a boy trapped in a girls body or vice versa, no frilly trim for you, your look is masculine with a feminine twist, want to be respected for your brains, serious, strong

Androgynous Wardrobe Essentials: trouser Suits, vests, ties, hats, pencil skirts, white blouse, men shirts, tuxedo dresses, waistcoats, manly hats, simple handbags, men style wrist watch

Androgynous Colors, Textures & Patterns: pin stripes, dark simple colors, fine silks, black & white, pintucks, fine wool,

Androgynous Color, Make Up & Hair: nude and matte lips, well defined arched eye brows, neutral palette colors, simple eyes with strong mascara, sleek hair, slick back hair

Androgynous Accessories: men style watch, neutral patent pumps, black loafers, fedora, black men style booties, classic tan tote

Wear: Giorgio Armani, Phillip Lim, Banana Republic

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:


Gothic Style Inspiration Past & Present: Theda Bara, Christina Ricci, Kristen Stewart, Marilyn Manson, Lolita Look, Angelina Jolie

Your Gothic Personality: intelligent, artistic, shy, embrace your darker side, edgy, strong, contemplative, poetic, fearless, love of the unknown, sensitive, moody, romantic, new age

Gothic Wardrobe Essentials: leather corsets, flowy skirts, fishnet stockings, ruffle blouses, Victorian style dress, black garments, vintage Elizabethan styles, thigh boots, black tees, black leather jackets, black patent shoes, animal jewelry, dark mirrored shades, large black totes, chains, lace

Gothic Colors, Textures & Patterns: black, scarlet, purple, blue, leather, lace, ribbons, spikes, studs, black velvet, silks, fishnets, silver, pewter, flowers, jewels, macabre jewelry, religious charms & jewelry, magical charms, bones, skulls, rosary's, amulets, pentacles, plaids

Gothic Color, Make Up & Hair: charcoal and smoky palettes, deep jewel tone palettes, black, violet, blue, blood red lips, pale luminous skin, black eye liner, black nails, blue/black lips, long & straight parted hair, dyed hair in black, platinum, purple or reds, messy or crimped hair style, romantic Victorian up do, arch brow

Gothic Accessories: black leather jacket, black patent boots, skull necklace, over size jewels, velvet blazers, fishnet stockings, dark black sunglasses, animal charm jewelry, fingerless gloves,

Wear: Patricia Field, Alexander McQueen, Thomas Wylde, Galliano, Rock A Billy Clothes

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:


Posh Eclectic Style Inspiration Past & Present: Jackie O, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Stella Tenant, Madonna, Marianne Coitilard, Kate Winslet,

Your Posh Eclectic Personality: stylish & elegant, self assured, aloof, well organized, pulled together, madcap personality, a bit eccentric, blend of country charm with city elegance

Posh Eclectic Wardrobe Essentials: tailored suits, wool skirts, designer accessories, equestrian pants, vintage polka-dot dress, fitted clothing, over size glasses, velvet jacket, tweed blazer, circle skirts

Posh Eclectic Colors, Textures & Patterns: tweeds, pearls, diamonds, pleats, wool, gold buttons, brocades, silks, cashmere, navy, gray, beige

Posh Eclectic Color, Make Up & Hair: nude or rose lips, arched brows, basic colors, soft colors, bobs, french twist, sleek & straight hair, natural eyes

Posh Eclectic Accessories:round sunglasses, antique gold locket, riding boots, sequin scarf, cameo pins, wedge shoes, vintage evening bag, multi-strand pearl necklace, hunting bag, vintage pins,ruffle purse

Wear: Anthropologie, Oscar De La Renta, Flea Markets, Vintage Stores, Chanel

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:

California Casual

California Casual Style Inspiration Past & Present: Farrah Fawcett, Goldie Hawn, Julie Christie, Michele Philips, Cameron Diaz, Katy Perry

Your California Casual Personality: distinctly American, casual & easy going, beach bunny, nature loving, no fuss, free spirited, love things organic,surfer

California Casual Wardrobe Essentials: faded baggy jeans, denim skirt, denim cut offs, vintage scarf blouse, fitted bikini, empire waist skirt, cotton tees, halter dresses, sandals, dark jeans, slouchy bags, silver jewelry,slouchy tops, plaid button blouse

California Casual Colors, Textures & Patterns: pale ocean colors, white, cotton, jersey, denim, silver, sea shells, plaid, metal, leather, wood, leather

California Casual Color, Make Up & Hair: long beach wave hair, bed hair, bronzed skin, bright glossy lips, natural eye, loose bun, flowers in your hair, flushed cheeks, natural tan, flip style hair, minimal make up

California Casual Accessories: aviator shades, simple evening clutch, wooden bangle, leather sandals, bucket style hat, gold pendant chain,

Wear: Express, Vintage Finds, Eco Friendly Clothes, BillABong Beach Wear, Lisa Kline, Shop Robertson

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:


Mod Style Inspiration Past & Present: Twiggy, Mary Quant, Yoko Ono, Cher, Selma Blair, Zoey Deschanel,

Your Mod Personality: free spirit, futuristic, optimistic, happy, sexy & stylish, playful, love short skirts,

Mod Wardrobe Essentials: smock sweaters, a line skirts, boxy sweaters, mini skirts, turtleneck, patent bomber jacket, sheath dress, swing jackets, striped sweaters, trapeze dress, black & white dress, flat black boots, patent leather totes, riding caps, bow tie blouses.

Mod Colors, Textures & Patterns: silks, argyle, patent leather, cotton, black & white, red, vinyl, stripes,knits, metal, graphic prints, gabardine, linen

Mod Color, Make Up & Hair: bob hair cut, black lined cat eyes, pixie hair cut, nude lips, bright reds & orange, yellow, taupe, page boy hair cut, bright red hair, long & straight parted locks, white, silver or pale blue eye shadows, fresh peachy glowing cheeks

Mod Accessories: black patent leather bag, riding cap, enamel bracelets, driving gloves, metal disc earrings,ballet flats, flat black riding boots, over sized white sunglasses, envelope clutch

Wear: Vintage Finds, Mod Cloth, Tibi, Trina Turk, Built By Wendy

Movies To Watch For Inspiration


American Classic Style Inspiration Past & Present: Grace Kelly, Jackie Onassis, Lauren Hutton, Lauren Bacall, Mariel Hemingway, Katherine Hepburn, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Oprah Winfrey,

Your American Classic Personality: confident, strong, ladylike mixed with urban, understated, cool, educated, elite lifestyle, ivy league, sophisticated and easy going, modern style mixed with comfort

American Classic Wardrobe Essentials: wool or corduroy fitted blazer, beige cardigan, riding boots, button down white blouse, high waisted pencil skirt, denim jacket, slim turtleneck sweater, dark rinse jeans, little black dress, driving moccasins, menswear slacks, narrow tweed skirt, menswear wool coat, classic handbag, aviator jacket, khakis

American Classic Colors, Textures & Patterns: black, white, beige, gray, cotton, leather, tweed, gold, pearls, knits, wool, silks, leather, navy, red, denim, diamonds, crocodile, metal,

American Classic Color, Make Up & Hair: minimal make up, rosy cheeks, sleek straight hair, classic red lip, nude lip, natural tan skin, loose chignon, loose wavy hair

American Classic Accessories: riding boots, over size black sunglasses, crocodile handbag, pearl necklace, bold gold link jewelry, cashmere wrap, menswear watch, over night canvas bag, woven handbag, diamond studs, crocodile clutch, black high heel pumps, nude pumps

Wear: Michael Kors, Anne Klein, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Gap, Ann Taylor, J, Crew, LL Bean, Lacoste, Brooks Brothers

Movies To Watch For Inspiration: 


Euro Chic Style Icons Past & Present: Bianca Jagger, Charlotte Rampling, Diane Von Furstenberg, Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Katherine Spakk, Princess Caroline, Madonna, Kate Blanchett,

Your Euro Chic Personality: sophisticated, cultured, intelligent, love to travel, appreciation of quality goods, old world elegance mixed with modern style, classic, chic, edgy, dramatic, you wear the clothes-the clothes don't wear you, couture feel, effortless

Euro Chic Wardrobe Essentials: silk tie blouse, skinny knit dress, cashmere coat, tuxedo jacket, ruched pencil skirt, cashmere cardigan, elegant wrap coat, satin pants, black ankle boots, leopard print coat, boucle jacket, satin shirt dress, wide legged trousers, ruffle blouse, over size blazer, leather jacket, over size scarf, button down shirt dress, wrap front dress

Euro Chic Colors, Textures & Patterns: black, cream, beige, gray, nudes, leather, silks, cashmere, knits, boucles, satin, floral prints, animal prints,  fur, lace, sequins, chains, bold gold, exotic faux prints & skins, leather tassels & fringe

Euro Chic Color, Hair & Make Up: chignon, bun, red lips, blushed cheeks, bronze cheeks, gold & bronze eye shadows, red lips, wavy long hair, blue, green and deep jewel tones, bright yellows, put together & classy look, long dramatic lashes, full flirty curly hair, gold, gold and more gold! dramatic hair pin,

Euro Chic Accessories: over size scarf, black platform knee  high boots, nude patent pumps, bold gold link bracelets & chains, dramatic jewelry, faux snakeskin clutch, black high heel pumps, skinny black belt, wide black belt, cashmere and leather gloves, dramatic black sun glasses, luxurious weekend bag, faux fur scarf, satin lingerie camisole,

Wear: Gucci, Anna Molinari, Marni, Bebe, H&M, Top Shop, Hermes, Armani, Club Monaco, Bergdorf Goodman, Diane Von Furstenberg

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:


Arty Slick Style Inspirations Past & Present: Sadie Frost, Bjork, Tilda Swinton, Donna Karan, Isabella Rossellini, Anne Parillaud, Tina Chow

Your Arty Slick Personality: artistic, stylish, fearless, modern,love to express yourself, love to make statements, unusual & unique, minimalist, futuristic, avant garde

Arty Slick Wardrobe Essentials: deconstructed evening dress, asymmetrical tank, drapey tops, deep neck Grecian dress, exaggerated funnel neck shift, black skinny pants, black wide leg trousers, dramatically ruched top, box pleat skirt, cropped genie pants, funky layered coat, uneven pleated skirt, bat wing blouse

Arty Slick Colors, Textures & Patterns: black, patent leather, white, metal, silver, jersey, bright red, chiffon, black & white prints, geometric prints, resin, plastic, geometric shapes, cubes, discs, bronze, oxidized finish

Arty Slick Color, Hair & Make Up: short, straight & clean cut, minimal make up, nude lips, bright red lips, fresh face, pale skin look, barely flushed cheeks

Arty Slick Accessories: black patent slouchy bag, cut out black belt, graphic white purse, chunky mixed material necklace, utilitarian lace up boots, bright resin cocktail rings, oversize abstract plastic rings & jewelry, silver sculptural earrings

Wear: Kirna Zabete, Aloha Rag, IF, Martin Margiela, Mod Cloth, Urban Outfitters, Museum Store Jewelry

Movies To Watch For Inspiration:

This guide was written and edited by me with only one other source for some reference materials on stores to shop for, style types, some style pieces and women of style inspiration , which were taken from the Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style book. I would like to note that the book does not include styles of Gothic & Androgynous types, they are my own suggestions.

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