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Here you'll find info on all the places VLV has been featured on, plus my contributions as well as any future press. Currently I'm a contributor -- original articles -- for The Fashion Brewery, My News Cub, Lucky Magazine Chick Advisor and Influenster. I'm also a Vogue Influencer, Harper's Bazaar Style Setter, Lucky Contributor as well as member of Buzz Agent, Swaggable and Pinch Me. VLV has sponsored several blog giveaways from top brands such as Revlon Cosmetics and Lulus.com online clothing retailer. Recently I have been contributing by writing fashion, beauty and home good guides on eBay as an Influenster member. I'm hoping to gain more experience on the blogosphere by writing features and trying new things in the future. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Skin Mists Feauture on Influenster 9/22/14 

My eBay Buyer's Guide Pale Foundation/Cameo Jewelry 12/14

eBay Buyer's Guide Goth Jewelry/Chopstick/Tokidoki 12/14

 eBay Buyer's Guide Shabby Chic Decor/Pearl Authenticity 2/15

Wine Guide Part 2 Influenster Hub

VLV Editor's Blogger Pick Bloggers.com 11/26/11

  Yahoo First Page December 2011

Fashion Feature Fashion Brewery 1/10/11

Feature Fashion Brewery Face Book 1/17/11

Feature The Fashion Brewery 1-17-11

The Fashion Brewery 1/22/11 

 My News Cub January 2011

 Feature The Fashion Brewery 2/11

Feature The Fashion Brewery 2-24-11 

 Feature The Fashion Brewery 3-10-2011

 Feature The Fashion Brewery April 9, 2011

 Featured At The Fashion Brewery May 11 2011

 Feature The Fashion Brewery 6/10/11

First Interview Featured At Fashion Brewery 6/11

Feature Fashion Brewery July 4, 2011

Feature Fashion Brewery 9/7/11

 Feature Fashion Brewery 9/18/11

 Fashion Brewery 12/7/11

Fashion Brewery Nov 21 2011

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