Hello gorgeous readers! Welcome to the blog. I'm Maria, the editor. A few facts about me; I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. New York City is life. NYC is home. My New York City is Dunkin Donuts, graffiti walls, noisy subways, slow taxi-cabs, and quiet museums. I love fashion, beauty and art, however, my interests are much more than that. I have a passion for all types of philosophical, cultural, and spiritual subjects. Most days I feel like an intergalactic alien traveling the universe, waiting around for the mother-ship to pick me up -- making mental notes of everything that ignites my soul. My most passionate hobby is reading and since I'm a serious book addict, there are hundreds of books in my collection, with an entire section dedicated to astrology, spiritual and metaphysical topics. Also, I'm a science fiction and classic film fan, and listening to music is life. In addition, I'm a foodie blogger on the side, although, unfortunately that project has been momentarily put on hold, however, I have been cooking since childhood, and the culinary arts are a passion of mine. Other subjects that spark my interest are architecture, sports, aviation, historical/military documentaries, wine making, ancient feminine dance, martial arts, Japanese culture, Arabic calligraphy, animal welfare, German Shepard’s, Victorian macabre, and, mushrooms of the wild forests – to name but a few.

Background: I hold an Associate Degree in Marketing, Merchandising, and Management in the area of fashion with work experience in public relations and visual display. Subjects that were part of my education were studying costume and art history, and, in addition, I have worked as a freelance stylist that provided me the opportunities to work behind the scenes at fashion shows. Two of my greatest moments would have to be participating at a Giorgio Armani show -- he might not remember me but I'll never forget the moment-- and having the pleasure of meeting and shaking hands with another icon, Oscar De La Renta, while working a retail internship. Also, recently, I have earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and am working on earning certificates that will allow me to work within the field in a creative capacity and hopefully with children as well. The past couple of years have been those of great personal change for me, which has led me to realize all the things that seemed impossible to conquer or accomplish might actually be possible. Baby steps...

Quirks: collecting chopsticks, a strange obsession for Walker's shortbread cookies and bagpipe music, eating inordinate amounts of olives and pistachios and the compulsion to buy music CD's versus downloads. 

CONFASHION: during the musings of my youth, I had an epiphany to dress myself only in RED. Red draws attention. With aquired experience or a inner wisdom prevailing, I soon realized an even greater power in going about unseen in silence...

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