Hello gorgeous readers! Recently, Skinfix sent me a QVC Exclusive product to review: Calm & Repair Sleeping Mask. My experience with purchasing these types of masks in the past have been mediocre due to issues while sleeping in them -- the issue would be my face glued to my pillow -- so I was a slightly apprehensive about what this mask could do for me. Yet, I was wonderfully surprised that it did not create an annoying stickiness on the skin while I sleep. Also, my long time followers know that I am always complaining about skin redness and Calm & Repair has eased my skin irritations. In addition, Calm & Repair doubles as a nightly moisturizer -- and I discovered an alternative way to utilize the product. Read more about that tip below and then visit QVC and Skinfix online to view the full collection. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Calm & Repair Sleeping Mask: made with antioxidant rich green tea and soothing manuka honey to reduce redness and calm red irritated skin overnight. Also contains ceramides and hyularonic acid to plump skin and moisturize. Cruelty-free.

Opinion: Calm & Repair sleeping mask has a rich cream gel formula, however it feels completely weightless on the skin. The hefty skin-benefiting ingredients include, antioxidant rich green tea, manuka honey, ceramides and hyaluronic acid to plump skin and keep it hydrated. To use the product, simply apply to clean dry skin in place of an evening moisturizer -- keep in mind that only a thin layer is needed -- or you may use the mask with your usual serum/moisturizer, however, certain products might not work well in combination with the mask, such as, using a moisturizer that may contain excess oil or already has a tendency to pill. If that is the case, apply only the repair mask at bedtime. Then when you wake up in the morning the mask is rinsed off. My results with the sleeping mask were positive. Firstly, I noticed that it does not peel off or stick to my pillow case, which makes life easier. Secondly, it did calm my redness and soothed my sensitive skin. My skin appeared more supple and hydrated in the morning. For maximum results, at least four weeks use of the product is recommended. I love that the mask can be used as a moisturizer so I don't have to apply on many products but rather only use one that works. Also, as mentioned previously above, a tip that I tested out and seems to be working for me is applying the slightest pat of the mask on target areas in the morning after my serum is applied on my face and before my foundation. My skin is rather dry in the winter so a little pat helped keep my skin glowing and protected all day and it did not interfere with my makeup! However, I only used a tweeesy weeensy bit. Bottom line: While Calm & Repair is on the higher end of the cost spectrum, you receive a super size 6 full ounce jar. It's a big heavy jar that will last a long time. If you have sensitive skin with redness and irritation, it's a smart investment to help heal and soothe those issues. As for myself, I am hooked on the product for it's effectiveness, multi-use aspect and because it's cruelty-free and devoid of all harmful chemicals. I would definitely recommend Skinfix Calm & Repair Sleeping Mask.

 Green Tea & Raw Honey are LIFE!

A lovely promotional gift from Skinfix; David's Tea Japanese Sencha tea bag 
and Wedderspoon Raw Manuka Honey with 73% pollen count. The best raw honey I ever tasted! Details for the brand linked below.

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*product sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: QVC Exclusive: Calm & Repair Sleep Mask, $65, 6 oz

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