Hello gorgeous readers! I hope that everyone has experienced a pleasant transition into fall and is enjoying October. And you know what's great about this time of month? -- we gather around the table with family and friends to feast! Cave Tools, a brand that creates high quality grilling and cooking tools, has sent me another one of their items to test out. I actually love this product the most because the previous ones were BBQ tools, I'm not a grill person but I gifted them to my brother the grill master and that made him happy. Cave Tools Salad Spinner & Large Serving Bowl is an indisputable practical tool that you'll reach for in the kitchen time and time again -- and the material is impressive in durability and modern in design. In addition, it can be used to clean fruits and veggies and then taken straight to the dinner table as a serving bowl. There are many fancy spinners on the market but Cave Tools has created an affordable version with cool features and built to last construction. It would make no sense to spend more money for department store versions and on the flip-side, a thriftier one you might find for a few dollars will only break and cost you more money in the long run -- plus you receive a huge serving bowl making it two items for one low price. Read more below for information on the functions for the salad spinner. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

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 includes, basket, spinner lid and large serving bowl
the photo does not do it justice, it looks like a chic shiny glass bowl in person

 lid is locked in place when spin knob is being used

Spinner Features: Food prep is cut in half. Suitable for salad, fruits/berries, vegetables/leafy greens, and more. Vented Lid: makes rinsing easy so you can pour the water out directly after rinsing. High Velocity Spin Knob: drys your food super fast! Serve a large amount of people in the 4 Quart serving bowl. Includes 30 Gourmet Salad Recipe Guide for busy parents/individuals who want quick healthy family foods. Comes with 3 pieces: The serving bowl with feet to keep from slipping, the lid with spinner knob/lock/vented slits, and an inner basket to rinse. Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean! BPA FREE Plastic Base and Lid. LIFETIME SATISFACTION GRANTEE! Refund if not satisfied.

Opinion/Construction: Firstly, the box that the spinner set is packaged in is presentable -- just thought I would mention that if you would Ike to give it as a gift to your favorite cook/foodie. When I unboxed the product I was surprised by it's hefty weight and generous size. This is definitely a family size bowl at 4 quarts! The bowl is not made out of glass but it has the crystal clear appearance and feel of slick glass - you have to tap a few times and examine it to see that it's not glass, so right away I like the construction because it feels very high-end and made to last. The set includes one spinner top with knob, the inner drain basket and finally the serving bowl. The bowl has little skid-proof feet so it will not slide off the counter and break. I found it so easy to use: you just place the salad or other food products in the bowl to rinse, drain in the basket, then place the basket in the larger bowl and spin away with the knob! When spinning salad or other foods, the moisture is dropped into the larger bowl and the salad leaves are wrung dry rather quickly so no more soggy salads. The knob simply works by spinning it around while holding the other side of the bowl with one hand in place. I found that the spin mechanism moved around with ease and did not have to be forced, also, it really spins at a super speed. You can rinse, drain, spin and then bring it right to the table. The bowl will serve a large family and look elegant at the dinner table even with your fancy place settings. It's so amazing you can take it out when you have guests or you can give it as a hostess gift this holidays season. A wonderful quality about the Cave Tool Salad Spinner & Serving Bowl is that it will always be used! A very practical item that every household needs. Cave Tools Spin/Serving Set has my genuine recommendation!

Enjoy 15% Off: Use code SALAD15
Link from Cave Tools Amazon that shows the spinner in action: Click Here

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*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Cave Tools, Amazon, Salad Spinner/Bowl, $19.99 4.2 quart size

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