Hello gorgeous readers! As promised, here are my results for the HomeDNA Skin Care Analysis. The original post has more essential information on what HomeDNA Skin testing is and how the process works -- including what is examined and customer benefits -- click here to reread the post before reading my results & opinion of the test below. Skin Care DNA testing puts control back into the consumers hands allowing them to make the right choices concerning the correct beauty and diet regime that works specifically for the individual's needs based on scientific facts. This saves people time and money by avoiding the products that do not work. After reading my own report, I now have a better sense of what's going on inside my body genetically and how it relates to skin issues, however, more importantly, I have practical knowledge of changes that need to be made in my dietary habits along with the correct products to use to fix those concerns. Stay ahead of the beauty curve with technology! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

*As always, please consult your personal doctor or medical advisor before changing or adding any 
new supplements and procedures into your diet and skincare routine*

A brief explanation of what factors are looked
 at during testing: Read the complete report here

HomeDNA Skin Care Kit includes:
cotton swab testers and prepaid return envelope

the following photos are examples only.

report explains the testing categories and related issues with those concerns

report explains how to interpret your results in an easy to understand manner

report also explains personal result levels and how to use suggested recommendations

*Based on my own DNA test results* 
These are just a few examples from my report.

Here I can see that in this category my gene functions are optimal and so the 
only recommendations are to use Vitamin C. + E in order to maintain this level.

In this category, I see that while my gene functioning is at standard level, it needs help
 to function better. It's a good thing I tend to keep my vampire skin out of the sun's harmful 
rays as often as possible!


Here you can see the suggested recommendations made by experts on what products, vitamins and treatments to use according to my own personal DNA results. For example, I may benefit from LED Light Therapy, Pine Bark Extract as a skin product and more Vitamin C and D in my diet -- in addition to other items/therapies that are listed in my report. Note: These are based on my test results and are not suggestions for anyone else.

 SUMMARY: The last page of the report will list all of your gene functioning level results in one place for a quick at a glance record. They will be listed by each category for easy reading.

this is a snippet of my personal summary to give you an idea on how it is listed -- the complete report is very detailed, thorough, includes photos and is about eleven pages long.

*DDC ensures results and DNA data are not shared; all private information is confidential and protected. ** Due to state regulations, this test is not available in New York and Maryland. ***Skin appearance can be caused by many factors in addition to genetics, including environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking.  Individual results may vary. 

Opinion: I found that the HomeDNA Skin Care test analysis report an extremely helpful guide in showing me areas of concern in regards to my skin care routine. Also, the report shed a spotlight on certain skin issues and why they have not been improving with the products that I have purchased to date -- apparently I have been using the wrong ingredients to treat my issues, such as skin redness and irritations. The results are based on scientific facts and my own genetic makeup. In addition, the report allows me to understand the vitamin/supplement deficiencies in my body so that I may correct  dietary habits and strengthen my cells from a cellular level. Some of the items surprised me since there was no way of me knowing about certain genetic aspects, even if I were to visit a doctor or dermatologist, they could not provide me with these customized DNA results. I feel empowered with the knowledge of what needs to be done in order to fix those issues to have healthier, more youthful skin and a more energetic body. As for the testing process, it was super easy. You place an order online, open a private account and when you receive the kit in the mail, swab the inside of your cheeks and mail it out to the lab in a prepaid envelope. No hassles! It may take anywhere from 10 days to 3 wk.for results to come back. When the results are ready, you will be notified via email and all you need to do is click on your results link and download your pdf. file on your computer. The lengthy, detailed and easy to read report is about 11 pages long and includes, photo's, explanations, recommendations and finally a summary that lists your gene functioning levels all in one place so you can glance at the results quickly.

Now what? Now that I have my results, you're probably wondering what did I do to utilize the DNA information in the report. First, I made a list of weak areas and the suggested products that would benefit me. After which, I headed over to the Vitamin Shoppe and other merchants to find the products that contain vitamins lacking in my body. The search led me to HUM Nutrition, which I already knew about, and a few other beneficial products. It's been about two weeks since using HUM nutrition and my energy levels have gone up so much! In addition, I found a few skin products suitable for my skin needs. I'm making a list so I can purchase them as soon as my current skin care products are emptied out -- since I don't like wastefulness and I'm budgeting myself. Also, I made a list on dermatology treatments that were recommended for my concerns. Some treatments are pricey, however, I found a few at home kits similar in nature and will be testing them soon. So while gathering a Skin Care DNA report is exciting to read, the real power lies in a person's ability to actually use that information and make the switch from the products that do not work to suggested ones, and, change diet habits in order to reap the maximum benefits based on personal DNA analysis. I'm excited to see how different my skin/body reacts in the months to come since a time frame of at least 3 to 6 months is needed to see changes. I hope that my review has offered some insights into how HomeDNA Skin Care testing works and has inspired my readers to take the challenge for themselves! Taking care of one's body and health is worth it! Let me know what you think in the comment section if you try the test for yourself.

*As always, please consult your personal doctor or medical advisor before changing or adding any 
new supplements and procedures into your diet and skincare routine*

Click here: Original post on how the test process works

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*product was sent to me for my consideration, my opinion is genuine and my own* 
Availability: HomeDNA.com, CVS, $24.99 Plus $79 Lab Fee

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