Hello gorgeous readers! Summer may be dwindling down but beach hair is still making a splash -- pun intended -- as evidenced by one of the the season's hottest hair trends, curls and waves. The blog's favorite hair care brand -- Hask Hair -- recently sent over a trio of products to test out; Hawaiian Sea Salt Shampoo, Sea Salt Conditioner -- and a personal favorite -- Making Waves Texture Spray. The products are made out of luxurious, brilliant pearl extract, Hawaiian sea salt, coconut oil and blue seakale,  all the good stuff that provides nourishment to hair and helps create flow-y beach texture styles with ease. And if you don't already know, their products are cruelty-free, free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten and artificial colors. My spirit mermaid loves this! Now with Hask Sea Salt collection, it's easier than ever to extend and refresh summer beach hair looks even as the changing season approaches! As a matter of fact, who says beach hair is for summer only? Go full-on sea goddess rebel and rock the waves all winter long! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 Beach Texture Shampoo:Bring the shore to your shower all year long with this luxurious texturizing shampoo. Formulated with Hawaiian sea salt for beachy texture, lustrous pearl extract for nourishment, coconut oil for moisture and blue seakale to help protect hair. Surf’s up! Conditioner: Let hair hang loose with this lightweight, texturizing conditioner. Hawaiian sea salt adds texture and enhances loose waves, while a nourishing infusion of lustrous pearl extract and hydrating coconut oil adds shine. Blue seakale helps protect and leaves hair feeling healthy.

 Making Waves Texture Spray: Make waves with this unique dual phase formula infused with Hawaiian sea salt for piecey, touchable texture and coconut oil to help nourish. Say Aloha to a soft, sexy, un-done style.

Formula: Shampoo/Conditioner: The shampoo and conditioner both have an ultra thick opalescent pearl white formula. It's luxurious and smells super fresh like an ocean breeze -- with a hint of coconut and fresh Hawaiian sea salt. I enjoyed handling that lustrous pearly cream in my hands, it's so gorgeous to look at. A small amount is needed because it lathers up really well and coats each hair strand with it's creamy texture. The conditioner helped de-tangle my hair quickly so my comb ran straight through my hair with ease. The formulation contains, Hawaiian sea salt to create beach waves, genuine shiny pearl extract to provide nourishment and coconut oil helps hydrate. Also, blue seakale helps to protect your hair so it remains strong and healthy all year long. And blue seakale assists in fighting environmental stress on damaged hair. I loved how my naturally curly hair was lengthened and my curls loosened for a more free flowing wavy look. In addition, the coconutty beach scent stayed in my hair all day! People were asking me if I just came back from the beach. Hask Hawaiian Sea Salt hair care is the prefect way to get that "beach" look without exposing your hair to the harsh sun, wind and pollution of being outdoors. Making Waves Spray: Can we talk about this spray for a moment? It's my favorite out of the set -- and has the same nourishing formula as the shampoo, except for the lustrous pearl creme part, since it is a spray product. The spray is non-sticky, however, be mindful how much you spray on because it really does add texture and over spraying will make it harder to style and rinses out. Not only did it create fabulous waves with my hair but it also added voluminous texture. Sometimes my hair becomes a little fine and flat and after shampooing it is hard to create a fullness to my styles. Making Waves spray fixes that issue. If you have baby fine hair you will love it for that fact alone. The entire collection is worth the money, although it's already quite affordable. Hask Hair has done it again by created another set of hair care products that live up to their claims and inspire women to keep up with modern hair styles. I highly recommend you visit your local Ulta Beauty and purchase a set for yourself.

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*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Ulta Beauty, Shampoo/Conditioner, $7.99 Spray, $7.99

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  1. I've been swing these everywhere lately. :-) Haven't tried them myself


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