Hello gorgeous readers! Thrive Cuisine contacted me to ask if I would be interested in sharing  a useful article regarding Vegan Dog Food -- and the science behind it. The subject has been a hot topic of conversation among pet owners for quite some time. I remember when my Rottweiler Rocky was still with us, I had decided to change his diet after his hip issues started and after his surgery. Information was not as readily available on the subject back then and many pet owners were nervous about removing animal protein from their pets diet --- much as people are nervous about going vegan for themselves. However, my remedy at the time was to prep home cooked food, such as rice, veggies and boiled chicken, in-order to eliminate chemical store bought food from Rock Rock's diet. He really enjoyed the switch. And whether you're a man or beast, who doesn't like a home cooked meal? Unfortunately, Rocky passed away soon after due to the surgeon's negligence and I never had a chance to try a full vegan diet on him so here's hoping that my pet owner subscribers may find practical information regarding a vegan dog food diet and also feel free to share the article with other pet owner friends that you know. The following bottom blurb is only part of the story, please click the link for Thrive Cuisine to access the full article, complete with images, video and scientific facts that can assist you in deciding if making the switch to an all vegan dog diet is right for your pet's lifestyle. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

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  " As veganism becomes a growing movement, more people than ever are being exposed to the cruelty inside the animal agriculture industry. This leads many to question whether or not they can feed their dog a meat free diet. Vegan Dog Foods have been growing in popularity, but is it safe for your dog to make the switch? Given their genetic link to wolves, strong noses, and sharp teeth, it may seem cruel to not give a dog any meat. However, ​the available science on the subject, as well as plenty of anecdotal experiences, are starting to say otherwise. Even though there are a limited number of studies on the subjects, the research available overwhelmingly shows positive results. One study on extremely active Siberian Huskies showed that they did just fine on a correctly formulated plant-based diet.​ In addition, the quality of conventional dog kibble is also a cause for concern. With the rise of environmental pollutants, it may actually be a better option to feed dogs with foods that are lower on the food chain. Plants and smaller animals have a lower likelihood of accumulating pollutants compared to animal flesh, not to mention most meat found in dog food is low-grade, cheap by-products. The key​ to adequate nutrition for dogs seems to have little to do with consuming meat, but making sure they get the right ratio of micro and macro-nutrients. If you want to learn more, please check out Thrive Cuisine's article on Vegan Dog Food." Source: Thrive Cuisine

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Above husky image source: thrive cuisine
Read full article w/video at Thrive Cuisine 

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