Hello gorgeous readers! Influenster sent me the New! Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation -- Fair & Ivory -- along with the new Dab + Blend Applicator to review. The innovative little sponge is a unique way to apply liquid foundation and was made specifically for Blur makeup. The set is available at Sephora, however, the dabber may be sold out so you will have to add your name to a wait list and check back as I'm certain it will be restocked. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

CRUELTY-FREE Blur: An ultra-weightless, full-coverage foundation with an oil-free, silicone-free formula that lets skin breathe. Designed to make applying and wearing foundation easy, Blur Liquid Matte Foundation offers flawless full coverage at first swipe, leaving a smooth matte finish that looks and feels as light as air. Like Milk’s Blur Stick and Blur Spray, Blur Liquid Matte Foundation instantly minimizes the appearance of pores and imperfections using blurring microspheres, tiny powder-filled spheres that diffuse the light to leave a flawless, soft focus effect. Dab + Blend: An easy-to-clean gel applicator that doesn’t soak up makeup like a sponge, but glides it onto skin. Dab + Blend helps makeup and skincare glide right onto skin with a non-porous applicator that won’t soak up and steal your product. Perfect for on-the-go use, it rinses off easily with soap and water and comes with a holographic carrying pouch for clean re-use anytime, anywhere.

Dab + Blend applicator is glitter filled, although not so visible in the photo

from left to right: fair and ivory

left to right: Fair (pink undertones) and Ivory (neutral yellow undertones)

Formula: Blur Makeup: Liquid Blur foundation is silky, creamy and weightless, yet, it's not runny or watered down. The matte title confused me somewhat since it leaves a visible glow on the skin surface, however, not in a bad way. Blur foundation illuminates the skin surface to conceal imperfections without highlighting them. My pores are not an issue so I cannot tell how it would work on someone with large pores. For me personally, it appeared natural looking and the makeup had a breathable feel on my skin. My only issue would be with the color. Both Fair and Ivory are almost the same shade, with fair being darker in my opinion because of the pink undertones -- it was slightly more beige-ish. Fair has yellow undertones, however, it still appeared a little too pinkish on my skin, although it was not that bad and I could probably get away with wearing this shade more during winter months. If they could make a really NEUTRAL fair shade with more lemony pigments I would be over the moon. The best quality here is the super radiating effect the foundation has on my skin. I love it! -- plus it's cruelty-free, vegan and paraben free.

Dab + Blend Sponge: I was doing a happy dance when I saw the sponge because it's totally alien and I love aliens... I'm an Aquarius Full Moon child so.... The creative little dabber is made of a gel-type material and is thick and well constructed.  The sponge is filled with glittery bits inside -- score one! -- and comes complete with it's own holographic carrying case -- score two. To use: simply dab a drop or two of the foundation on the sponge and apply in circular and upward motion. While it takes some getting used to maneuvering the dabber around the face, it actually sets the foundation nicely without any streaks. I did have to use another brush to blend in around the nose area because I felt it was awkward to do so with the sponge. I think Dab + Blend works wonders on the face more so than when you're patting around the nose or orbital bone of the eyes and as a neat trick, can even be effective to use with gel blush on cheekbones. Also, it's a great way to dab other types of products that do not require brushes. Dab + Blend is a little weird but it's so different and modern that it may be utilized creatively once you figure out how. I'm happy with both products and hopefully MILK creates a more yellow based fair neutral shade in the future.

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*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Milk Makeup Blur Foundation, $40, Applicator, $14

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