Hello gorgeous readers! I'm excited to have been asked to participate in a campaign to promote a revolutionary new way to discover one's own personal skincare needs -- through genetic testing from HomeDNA Skin Care Test. Home DNA tests are quite the trend these days due to the fact that people want to better understand family origins and hidden ancestral ethnicity. I recently completed one and the results proved quite exciting! My tastes and longings for certain cultures were spot on! The blood of your ancestral line is eternally carried within you. So, why not use cutting edge genetic testing to help individuals gain a futuristic glimpse on how their unique DNA shapes skin-care and other aging issues? If we can understand how our body works on a cellular level, we may arm our self with critical information to treat current and future skin concerns, tailored SPECIFICALLY for the individual. How awesome is that? No more guesswork on what products we need to use or what procedures we should try since it will all be explained in a complete in-depth genetic analysis. Plus think of all the money you can save from not having to buy useless products that will never work since they are not suited to your skin on a cellular level. Personally, I cannot estimate the amount of money I wasted over the years on fancy serums and moisturizers that promised miracle results -- suffice it to say that I'm excited to get back my test results and share it with my subscribers. Read more information below and then stay tuned for my full review. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

SAMPLE REPORT: Includes analysis on a genetic level and skin recommendations custom tailored specifically for your skin needs.

 sample report above: shows how results will be broken down and explained after testing; includes skin-care product recommendations specifically for your skin needs based on test results

What is HomeDNA Skin Care Testing? An at home easy to use DNA test that examines an individuals 28 genetic markers in seven categories associated with skin aging: Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Collagen Quality, Skin Sensitivity, Pigmentation, Sun Protection, Skin Elasticity and Skin Antioxidants. The results work as a personal guide based on a customer's DNA for creating a custom skin-care regime. The report is easy to understand, fully detailed and organized in sections. The analysis will include detailed information of the findings, specific recommendations -- such as what products/topical ingredients/supplements/professional treatments you need to use -- that can assist you on the road to younger looking skin. Genetic profiling and analysis is completed by a team of scientific experts and PhD's at DNA Diagnostic Center, one of the world's most trusted DNA testing laboratories. Modern DNA genetic testing is a breakthrough that allows woman to go beyond the one size fits all skincare hassle and find solutions based on their own genetic blueprint.

How does it work? Testing is completed by using sanitary mouth (on the cheeks) swabs which are then mailed to the laboratory. It takes a little under two weeks to receive your results that can be viewed online at HomeDNA.com after setting up your own personal and secure account.

What is the cost? DNA testing can be offered in dermatologist offices for over $300, however, with HomeDNA Skin Care Test, the kit is retailed at $24.99 plus a $79 lab fee.

*DDC ensures results and DNA data are not shared; all private information is confidential and protected. ** Due to state regulations, this test is not available in New York and Maryland. ***Skin appearance can be caused by many factors in addition to genetics, including environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking.  Individual results may vary. 
Stay tuned for my review based on 
my own experiences and test results!

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*product was sent to me for my consideration, my opinion is genuine and my own* 
Availability: HomeDNA.com, CVS, $24.99 Plus $79 Lab Fee

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