Hello gorgeous readers! Today's review is for two new items that will help you stay clean and fresh on the go all summer long: SweetSpot Lab's Coconut Gentle Wash and Coconut Lime Personal Wipes. SweetSpot is a brand made by women for women, so who better to understand a woman's sweet spot needs? I'll let you figure out that word play for yourself ;) The products are 97% natural, glycerin, sulfate and alcohol free and contain beneficial ingredients, such as, coconut oil, aloe vera and fruit scents. Also, the cleansing wash and wipes are pH balanced so skin stays moisturized without the harsh effects that other dehydrating skin products have. After you go purchase a set for yourself come back and copy the SweetSpot cocktail recipe -- Coconut O'Clock -- and chill out in the shade in your favorite spot. I'm going to be making this coconut-y drink over the weekend using the adorable summer cup that PR sent along with my package. My long time subscribers know how cuckoo I go over coconut. And don't forget to top off your drink with cute umbrella cocktail picks! Stay Sweet! Stay Fresh! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Coconut Lime Gentle Wash: 97% Natural. Sulfate Free. Glycerin Free. Alcohol Free. pH Balanced. Contains Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. Gentle on the skin. Cruelty-Free! Personal Wipes: Same as the wash plus infused with added cucumber extract. Give yourself an instant refresh this summer, anywhere on your body. Anywhere and everywhere! The gentle wipes will refresh and cleanse you so you stay super fresh during the summer heat.
Coconut O'Clock Signature Summer Drink Recipe: Ingredients: 1cup full fat canned coconut milk, 1/3 freshly squeezed lime juice, 1 tsp lime zest, 1 tbsp 100% natural agave, 1 cup crushed ice, club Soda for topping up, Lime wedges for garnish. Instructions: In a blender, combine the coconut milk, lime juice, lime zest, agave and ice. Blend until smooth and well mixed. Divide into 4 small glasses and top each p with club soda. Feel free to add gin, tequila and rum for an alcoholic version. Drink Responsibly!

Formula: Coconut Wash: The wash smells fruity and summery. It creates a subtle foam, yet, not foamy but instead, it's rather gentle. I love that it's made specifically to cater to my feminine needs and that it cleanses the sensitive body areas without harsh chemicals, all while still keeping skin pH balanced for softness and hydration. My entire body felt pristine, cool and exhilarated after use. Also, I love how the scent relaxes me after a post workout shower. The tube has a generous fill-weight but convenient enough to carry in your gym or beach bag. Wipes: Each wipe has a refreshing tropical scent that gently cleans your delicate female areas with ease -- without any harsh chemicals and with soothing aloe and cucumber extract. I love that they are glycerin free because yeast bacteria thrives on that. Plus they also contain antioxidant cranberry and pineapple extracts and are clinically tested, gynecologist recommended. The cloth fiber's are not flimsy so they maintain their integrity for a thorough wipe down without ripping or falling apart. The package is travel friendly so you can take it to the beach or gym, or, use post bikini-wax or after any sport activities, or use anywhere or anytime else for a quick cleansing pick me up -- and the resealable top dispenses one towelette at a time without a mess. In my opinion, SweetSpot washes and personal wipes are products that every woman should include in their hygienic routine. Plus, they are super affordable so that you can stack up on scent bundles and save all year round! Happy cleansing...

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*product was sent to me for m y consideration, my review is genuine and my own pinion*
Availability: Sweet Spot Labs,  Wash, $7.99. Wipes, $3.99

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