Hello gorgeous readers! Can you believe that we are in the month of May already? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about prepping your skin for the summer days ahead. Completely Bare has two new hair removal products to ensure that you experience sexy bare legs this season. Up for review is Easy Off! Foaming Hair Removal Spray and Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist, which are both now launching at Ulta Beauty, for your shopping convenience. After reading the review, head on over to or in-store to purchase a set today. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Easy Off! Foaming Hair Removal Spray: with volcanic ash and shea butter to exfoliate and naturally moisturize skin. Melts hair exposed from roots, calms skin and reduces redness, all while adding anti-aging properties with sea-kelp and Vitamin E to support cell regeneration.

Formula: The easy to use hair removal spray instantly turns to a fluffy foam on contact with skin. There was no obnoxious odor when I sprayed the product on my legs and it did not cause any skin burning or irritation even when applied without the numb spray. The formula contains sodium hydroxide and thioglycolate that helps to melt hair exposed at the roots and capislow helps to slow down new hair growth. The instructions recommend that you leave the product on 4-6 minutes and up to 10 minutes. I left it on for about 7 minutes and while it removed all the hair quickly and effortlessly, there were a few stubbly strands that remained at the roots. My leg hair is not course, rather fine, yet, I probably could have kept the foam on longer. Also, to be fair I did not properly exfoliate the application area beforehand. All in all, it's a great way to quickly touch up pesky hair and remove large areas without any pain or hassle! The other feature that I like about Easy Off! is that it leaves my skin soft and calm without all the usual skin redness and burning that I experience form other hair removal products and it's cost efficient when compared to waxing. I will purchase Easy Off! in the future because it's a staple for my bath and body routine.

Not Feeling It Pre & Post Numbing Mist: Spray temporarily numbs the surface of the skin with a special Lidocaine to reduce the feeling of pain while  non-greasy emollients soothe skin with a non-drying formula. Hypoallergenic.

Formula: Not Feeling It numbing spray has no weird odors and works instantly to reduce the feeling of pain before and after the hair removal process by using Lidocaine. This can be used in conjunction with waxing, shaving or other depilitory creams. The spray leaves a slight silky oil-type residue that can be gently worked into the skin area so it provides hydration and soft feeling skin -- perfect for sensitive skin suffers such as myself who are always burned by hair removal products. I used it after shaving and found that it quickly calmed my skin and stopped redness. The spray has an almost unnoticeable cooling sensation that feels nice when sprayed on. I definitely will be buying it in the future since my skin is always tortured by depilatory products. Not Feeling It works fast and is effective so I recommend it.

P.S.: Thanks for the cute heart coin purse from the PR staff at Completely Bare!

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*product sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Ulta Beauty, Compleelty Bare Foam/Mist, $7-$11 price range


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