Hello gorgeous readers! I was asked to review Aroma Foundry Essential Oils Collection, and the brand was kind enough to let me select the scents. As you probably already know, oil diffusers are a home design trend as of late and while home fragrances are not a new discovery, however, modern oil diffuser systems have been updated with the newest technology. As a matter of fact, even old fashioned candle oil warmers have received a fresh makeover. Some diffuser systems -- along with tips on how to incorporate them with oils -- are listed below. Also, while cool home gadgets are fun as well as practical, the true foundation of their function is based on the quality of the oil. After all, you would not want to pollute your breathing space and air quality with chemicals. Aroma Foundry offers the highest grade, 100% pure, all natural and undiluted essential oils on the market. Their oils are not only top of the line quality, but they're environmentally friendly, with a therapeutic grade similar to high end oils found in luxury spas. Search online or essential oil guides to find all the ways on how they can be used in a health, well-being, beauty and meditative routine, as only a few possibilities of uses are offered here. Breathe happy! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Aroma Foundry: 100% Pure, All Natural, Undiluted, 
No Chemicals, Hand Bottled in the U.S., 
Therapeutic Grade, Eco-Friendly.

HOW TO USE: Diffuser Fans, 
Oil Lamps, Humidifier, 
Oil Diffuser  Reed Jars.


Featured in this review: Cedarwood: Woodsy scent that is calming and can be used as a hair and scalp massage oil. Can also be added to moisturizer to smooth skin, among many other uses.

Lemon: Uplifting, cleansing benefits, eliminates odors, beneficial to skin and hair and to treat blemishes.

Mandarin: Italian Mandarin Orange: Uplifting, soothes nervous tension, calms, balances and is great for helping children relax.

Tangerine: For a happy mindset, applied to the temple for relaxing meditation, calming and cleansing.

 * please be sure to follow proper diluting directions when used on skin and research online for the other many uses associated with essential oils as these are a few suggestions only*

Opinion: I used Aroma Foundry oils in my mini candle diffuser and my electric humidifier. In the little warmer using a candle, the scent took longer to fill up the air space but the oil left a refreshing fragrance in the air. It was peaceful to experience each time that I walked into the room. In my larger electric diffuser, the system releases a faint mist throughout the day since it is activated by a timer. I used the mist diffuser in my bedroom during my yoga routine and I have to say, along with meditative music, the scent of tangerines assisted greatly in providing a deep relaxing workout and workout space. I felt calm and had a happier mindset. Although, I have yet to use the essential oils as skin treatments -- which should be diluted as recommended -- I am looking forward to discovering all the many ways in which they can be utilized. Aroma Foundry ensures therapeutic grade, pure oils, so they can be used in such therapy spaces as during yoga. I would highly recommend that you try them for yourself and pick up a wonderful home diffuser system in the process.

*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Aroma Foundry, Essential Oils, $17.98 Sale $9.98

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