Hello gorgeous readers! Sorry for the delay in posting but my life is undergoing major changes right now. In any case, being a Chick Advisor for many years, the group finally started accepting campaigns for American bloggers and my first product to review is a batch of delicious cookies from Voortman Bakery (available in the States). The brand was started in the 50's baking fresh Dutch bread and honey cakes and has since grown to a trusted, established brand today. Also, Voortman made the move to eliminate all trans fats from their cookies, in addition to adding nutritious ingredients, such as,  flax seed, omega 3's and a line of no sugar added cookies. You can read my opinions below on the selection sent to me which consisted of; Vanilla Wafers, Strawberry Banana Wafers, Coconut Cookies and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

"Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafers brings back childhood memories of my grandma!". When I first removed the pack from the box my memories brought me back in time to when my grandmother would have old fashioned lemon wafers waiting for me after school. These scrumptious little wafers will have you hooked at the first bite. They are flaky, crispy and so light! This variety has two flavors combined; one layer of sweet strawberry cream filling and a second layer of fresh banana filling. The creamy layers are soft and non-greasy and have a true strawberry and banana taste to it. Next to coconut, strawberry and banana are two of my favorite fruit flavors so the little cookie monster that lives inside of me really loved dipping them into an ice cold glass of almond milk. I would definitely recommend Voortman strawberry/banana wafers to anyone looking for the perfect snack to satiate a sweet tooth. And if you're a mom, the nifty package is easy to travel with in a tote bag for weekend outings to the park or on family road trips. However, they're not just for the kiddies because adults will love them too as a morning, coffee break or after dinner treat. Also, finding them in stores is easy now that Walmart carries them and with a budget friendly price tag you'll be able to grab an entire stash in different flavors so that everyone in your family can have their own pack.

"Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies will be your next cookie addiction!". Omg! these super crunchy chocolate chip cookies are like little buttery pieces of heaven, yet, without being overly greasy in taste. It's almost as if there are little nooks and crannies that run throughout the cookie where all the flavor is stashed and once you bite into them it's a flavor explosion in your mouth. I also love that they have that "just baked at home taste" -- except the work has already been done for you and there's no dirty kitchen or sticky mess to clean up. Also, I love oatmeal so it's a great addition to chocolate chip cookies. They just taste yummy and wholesome and you will not be able to stop nibbling at them. I recommend them as after school snacks for the kids in place of greasy potato chips so they at least absorb some of the healthy nutritional value found in oatmeal. And I will definitely be buying them again. It's great to have a pack or two stashed around for emergencies when the sweet tooth cravings hit or when friends come over for coffee.

"Voortman Coconut Cookies make my inner child sing!". I'm totally a coconut flavor girl. Always have been, always will be. It reminds me of the moments in my childhood that my father and I would share carving up fresh coconuts and making fun drinks with the milk inside. Voortman uses real toasted and shredded coconut in their recipe so there are no chemical substitutes, it's the real deal. You can actually taste the little coconut flakes when you bite into the cookie and they have a subtle tropical aroma and a crispy thin texture to them. They almost have a sophisticated pastry taste, so much so that you'll probably not want to share them with the kiddies. I think these would make a fantastic alternative to tea biscuits because of their light and airy quality, although you can have them with your coffee as well. I would definitely recommend buying a pack and even if you're not a coconut fan you should try them because the flavor might surprise you since it's so subtle and natural tasting. Another great cookie variety from Voortman bakery that I will be purchasing in the future.

"Voortman Vanilla Wafers has an old world taste with a sophisticated crunchy texture!" These fresh vanilla wafers are baked with genuine vanilla bean and contain no high-fructose corn syrup. They are delicately sweet and aromatic. I find that their old fashioned, traditional vanilla flavor makes for the perfect hostess snack. Just set out a big cookie platter of these babies and serve with your favorite coffee or tea. Also, if you're a teacher or work with children or just a cool mom who likes to buy the kiddies fun treats, you should always have a few packages lying around because the flavor is so universal that kids will happily gobble them up and you don't have to worry about what flavor you should buy to keep everyone satisfied. You'll find that the creamy filling melts in your mouth and is irresistibly addictive. I loved dipping them into my homemade green Chai tea because the subtle flavors didn't clash with each other. They are on my shopping list next to my other Voortman cookie favorites for sure.

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*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Walmart, Voortman Bakery, $2.58 +


  1. Great post, Maria! I'm so hungry now! I love #VoortmanBakery xoxo


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