Skin Detox Alert! It's a brand new year so throw out those old skin products that are taking up space on your bathroom counter and swap them out with some awesome Eco-friendly goodies. Derma-e has recently launched seriously fresh new skincare items designed to help you detox skin -- whether from post holiday indulgences or associated stress factors. After all, a new year deserves a new glowing you! Bad skin is so yesterday so read to discover more about the items featured in this review. Derma-e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask and Daily Detox Scrub are two secret weapons that will jump start your way into blemish free skin. And while you may notice that Derma-e has brand new packaging, be assured that the brand still remains cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, lanolin free and non-GMO! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask: Utilizes natural clays and 
activated charcoal to lift away dirt and bacteria
 for a decongestant pore effect. Apricot seed powder 
exfoliates dead skin and Kaolin absorbs 
extra facial oil and impurities. Seaweed 
protects skin from harmful pollutants 
found in the environment. 

 Daily Detox Scrub: Wakame potassium rich seaweed from 
the sea naturally fights off skin toxins and 
protects against environmental pollutants. Charcoal 
removes dead skin and Apricot See Powder 
acts as a exfoliator. Green Tea offers
 antioxidants. Skin is refreshed and glowing,

Formula: Purifying Mask: This charcoal colored mask works in two way; by applying on the face and leaving it on for about five minutes, after which you gently circulate the product in order to activate the exfoliating process. I found this to be gentle on my sensitive skin, however, try not to scrub so hard because the little particles will cause some slight redness, otherwise it's not an issue. The scrub leaves my skin free of any oil or residue and imparts a nice, dewy glow. Also, it does not cause any irritations so that's always a plus for sensitive skin sufferers --- plus it's devoid of any noxious perfumes as it smells like a fresh clay in a pleasant way. It's loaded with so many beneficial skin ingredients, such as, rich seaweed from the ocean, kaolin and activated charcoal -- all of which keep your skin protected from environmental pollutants and  just squeaky clean fresh! Daily Detox Mask: This mask is also charcoal colored with a fresh and contains similar ingredients to the purifying mask. The delicate apricot grains are gentle enough to use daily without causing any breakouts. I loved the way my face felt after washing it with daily scrub detox -- so clean and purified. Also, I feel secure knowing that there are no added chemicals that I have to worry about and the products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free! If you're looking for a new skincare regime that will transform your skin, Derma-e Mask and Scrub is a must try. They are natural weapons that fight off pollutants, clear skin of blemishes and give your face a radiant healthy glow. Take a look on the brand's website -- linked below -- to purchase today and while you're at it have a look around to discover all the great new additions to the Derma-e line. #Dermae

* product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: Derma-e,  Mask, $19.50, Scrub, $15.50

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