Just in time for holiday gift giving, the Emjoi brand, a leader of innovative beauty grooming tools, has introduced the eRase e60 Epilator, in exciting new colors and patterns available in limited quantity at QVC. I will be reviewing the floral one. In addition to the eRase e60 featured in this post, other grooming tools that are available in the collection are, the Micro-Pedi Nano (for easy pedicures) and the Micro-Mani (to smooth finger and toe nails). You can find all of the products on the brand's website which will be linked below. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 eRase e60 quickly and effectively removes unwanted hair from the face and body with minimum discomfort. Features an award winning patented, 3 disc tweezer system and dual speed power. 60 tweezer action discs arranged in skin-tautening dual opposing heads, removes hair from the root (as short as 0.3 mm), leaving skin smooth for up to 6 weeks.

eRase includes adapter, cleaning brush, clear comfort guard and pouch

zippered travel/storage case included

Opinion: My experience with eRase e60 has been a positive one. Before you get started, be sure to read the included instructions. The book states to exfoliate skin area first before use. I cannot stress this enough! If you do not exfoliate legs, arms or facial area first, it may cause bumps due to the ingrown hairs being forced out. However, if you prep the skin properly, the experience will be satisfactory. I used the highest power setting and glided the epilator gentle and quickly in upward strokes on my legs. This made the tweezing sensation less painful and pulled the hairs from the roots more efficiently. eRase really does remove the shortest hairs! A slight tingly/pulling sensation did occur, however, it was not brutally painful and did not last long. Afterwards, apply a soothing body oil, either any body oil or one made specifically for after hair removal to calm the skin. Any soothing product containing Azulene will do. My legs felt smoother and softer to the touch. So far it has been about over a week now since using eRase and pesky hairs have not grown in yet. Yay! You'll definitely want to have eRase on hand for quick touch-ups. Additionally, it's perfect to travel with since it's a convenient size. eRase e60 is a powerful little beauty grooming tool that packs a punch and gets the job done quickly. Yes, there may be some pain depending on your skin sensitivity, however, it is an affordable and easy to use system in the privacy of your home that allows you t forgo expensive salon costs. I'm super sensitive and managed the pain just fine so it's not that bad. I would recommend the product. Consider purchasing eRase as a practical gift for family and friends this holiday season. Let me know about your experiences with eRase in the comment section below.

 *product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*
Availability: QVC, Emjoi, eRase e60 $79.95


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