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Hello gorgeous readers! So sorry for being Missing-In-Action as of late. My life is erratic right now -- to say the least. And can you believe that autumn is already here! Hello pumpkin spice season! Today I'm excited to bring you a review for my pick of the month selection of SCENTBIRD perfum, Lisa Hoffman Japanese Agarwood. You can receive a FREE month's subscription with my link below this post (availability section). Each fat vial contains a full month supply of perfume and the cases are interchangeable so you can change atomizers to match your current color mood of the day. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

vial larger than it appears, contains a full 30 day supply of perfume

Zesty, warm, and invigorating. 
Woody agarwood surrounded by bergamot, 
spiced ginger, amber, and cedarwood. 
Arouses clarity and zen.

Opinion/Japanese Agarwood: I absolutely love this scent! It's different and yet it is slightly reminiscent of Tom Ford Portofino Neroli, which is another scent I adore. I would classify this as an oriental floral type, however, the spice is not overpowering here. Japanese Agarwood is warm, subtley zesty and the dry down is on the woodsy side. You get the sense of having just stepped out of the shower and your skin is enveloped in a soapy fresh fragrance. You can also describe this as one of those more traditional European types of citrus cologne waters, much like the old fashioned toilette's that are sold in artisan chemist shops. I can easily see this as being my new signature perfume. Agarwood is alluring, mysterious, soft, sensuous and I seriously cannot stop sniffing it on my wrists. The wear time is about four to five hours so you'll need an occasional spritz to revive the scent, although it lingers close to the skin even if it's not apparent to others. Click link below and receive a complimentary month with a $14.99 monthly fee thereafter.

Availability: SCENTBIRD, FREE MONTH (click link) $14.99 monthly sub


  1. Nice to have you back. Sounds like a great scent <3

  2. Oh this sounds wonderful!


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