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Tempus Fugit... The understatement of the year. 2016 literally flew by and now we're already in the back to school phase -- or back to work. However, for some of us (not naming names), work has been non-stop without a summer break. Not unless you count that one tweeensy-weeensy birthday celebration to which there was at least cake and festive cocktails. But I digress... I am happy to announce The Body Shop's latest additions to their cult favorite Tea Tree Oil Collection, a range of must have skincare products to help jump-start your way into healthier skin. This line is suitable for teens and adults alike. I can attest to the miracles of Tea Tree Oil because I have been using it since my teenage years. Publicity sent over Tea Tree Oil, Daily Solution and 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. Oh, and an adorable 2017 Daily Planner. Much appreciated since I could use all the help to organize my hectic life. More importantly, for every product purchased, The Body Shop will build bio-bridges to restore the rain forest floor, with a goal of restoring up to 75 million square miles. Awesome! So you can feel satisfied that your purchase from a cruelty-free and charitable brand helps keep people looking gorgeous and saving the world at the same time. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Made with 100% organic Community Trade Tea Tree Oil from Kenya, the 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask is a triple threat multitasking cleanser that can be used as a daily wash to purify, a scrub to clear and tighten the appearance of pores or a deep-cleaning mask to smoothen and mattify skin’s appearance. Toxins in the body such as alcohol and stress cause flare-ups in the forehead area, while blemishes along the jawline are often hormonal and caused by processed foods and sugar. Coupled with the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution, you can prevent and reduce blemishes while you fend off that infamous freshman 15!

Formula: Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution: The solution is a freshly scented (tea tree), non-sticky serum that assist in clearing blemishes. Absorbs readily and is applied under moisturizer and foundation without interference to additional products. I love that it soothes my red skin and the tea tree solution can help keep blackheads at bay due to it's anti-bacterial properties. In about a month, you'll start to see clarified and more purified skin. I also love that the bottle is quite large and the long dropper allows me to grab the right amount of product. If you have dry skin, you may want to consider layering a light moisturizer over the serum to keep from over-drying skin. So far I love everything about Anti-Imperfections Solution and I would greatly recommend you add it to your daily routine in order to keep your face looking fresh and healthy. Tea Tree Oil: the oil concentrate, about 15%, removes impurities, contains oiliness and clears the skin. It also works to counteract blackheads with it's anti-bacterial properties. The smaller travel size jars makes it ideal for targeted touch-ups. I noticed less blackheads and oiliness in certain areas in as little as four days. This is truly essential for clearing up skin issues. 3-in-1 Scrub Mask: A multi-tasking mask that can be used as a wash, scrub or mask. The formula is gentle on the most sensitive skin and helps to remove blackheads, excess oil, impurities and tightens pores. I love the many ways that I can use 3-in-1 and the fact that my skin feels and looks amazing after use. The line is so affordable that you can easily purchase the entire trio and save money for other new year purchases, like a really cool pair of wide-legged jeans. Also, scroll through the brand's website, or shop in stores, to view the entire Tea Tree Collection. Hope you enjoy the last glorious days of summer!

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Availability: The Body Shop, Solution, $13, 1.69 oz, Tea Tree Oil, $6, .33 oz, 
Scrub Mask, $13.20, 4.2 oz


  1. Sounds like great products

  2. I love tea tree oil. It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean.


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