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I'm so excited to be reviewing a trio of Aquation Skincare products -- with Hydro Balance -- now available at Walmart. What exactly is Hydro Balance? Hydro Balance is a dual phased technology that delivers hydration to skin while creating an invisible barrier that helps prevent moisture loss. Also, micro-encapsulated actives penetrate deep below the skin for all day hydration. Read more about it below. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

There are endless elements that affect your skin daily – not all of them in your control. There is a solution. Skincare that protects, restores and fortifies, with moisture you can feel. Clinically proven results you can see. Moisture balance technology you can count on. The perfect Aquation for hydrated + healthy skin. Powered by Hydro Balance™. 100% of women in clinical trials saw more hydrated skin, even up to 24 hours. 93% experienced instant hydration. 93% found non-irritating.

Formula: Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser: This removed dirt, oil and make-up quickly and without irritating my sensitive skin. It's consistency is like that of a fluid lotion which means that only a couple of drops are needed to get the job done -- plus, it's super hydrating and suitable for all skin types. Skin feels comfortable after use, without an overly drying taut sensation that is generally experienced with most cleansers -- making it ideal for dry skin types. Daily Moisturizing Lotion: Best features of this lotion are that moisture balance is restored, the formula is lightweight and has rapid absorption. Although I found the lotion perfect for summer weather application due to a feathery consistency, it is appropriate for the coldest weather since it carries such a powerful hydrating kick. You'll love using it year round. Moisturizing Cream: The cream helps stop itchy skin and relieves dryness with ceramide and hyaluronic acid. As a matter of fact, the entire trio of products contain ceramide, hyaluronic acid and Hydro Balance in the formula. The cream left my skin feeling super soft and soothed,  even the heels of my feet were quenched in luxurious moisture. The consistency with this version is also lightweight, however, the cream is whipped and buttery -- making it my favorite out of the set. A final note: the products contain a barely noticeable fragrance and the pump mechanisms are easy to use with no fuss and no mess. Aquation Skincare is a collection that the entire family can use to help nurture the driest skin and the affordable price points are family budget friendly. The brand is newly available for purchase at Walmart and Stock up now and be prepared for winter.

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Availability: Aquation Skincare, Walmart, $8.96, 16oz


  1. Great price point. That tub looks huge.

  2. I haven't tried these, but I might need that moisturizing cream for winter :)

  3. Thanks peeps. Yes, try it. They are all perfect for dry skin.


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