Hello gorgeous subscribers! Sorry for the late post. I hope you all had an amazing July 4th celebration with your friends and family! Today, I'm finally getting around to reviewing this new fabulous skincare find, May Coop Raw Sauce Maple Water. It's basically a skin prep and facial water essence. When I first saw the name of this product I was reluctant to try it because for some reason the visual thought of Asian food sauce applied on my face was being conjured in my mind and I had no idea what it would be like. But then, little curious kitty being naturally intrigued by something new and exciting, I caved and splurged. Actually, since facial water essences are rather on the high-end of the cost spectrum, Raw Sauce is a good deal. You receive a generous five ounce bottle for less than a designer brand, plus you can try the smaller version for under twenty dollars. One last mention, the brand is cruelty-free! Raw sauce is HOT SAUCE! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

A hydrating, nourishing essence featuring a silky formula that's highly concentrated in maple tree sap to create a stronger skin environment, helping prep the skin to better absorb products to follow and boosting their effectiveness thanks to its unique maple-tree sap base. The innovative formulation is packed with nourishing botanical complexes, along with ingredients possessing antioxidant properties, which neutralize free radicals and support natural skin cell regeneration. This luxuriously silky liquid has a smooth, non-sticky texture that quickly absorbs into the skin for an instant boost of hydration, resulting in skin that's not only healthier-looking, but better able to obtain the benefits from any product applied afterwards. It’s further enriched with unique, botanical, herbal, and floral complexes to intensely hydrate and promote a radiant complexion. Maple tree sap particles are almost the exact same size as our bodily fluids (even smaller than water) and enable the formula to easily absorb deep into the skin. The essence intensively hydrates and delivers critical nourishment to skin, creating a healthy-looking glow from within. It also helps prep skin to better absorb subsequent products, such as serums and moisturizers, so that you get the most out of both your morning and evening skin care routines.

Formula: Raw sauce has a liquid consistency  -- but with more depth. It's not oily or greasy yet rather slightly thick, while remaining light and bouncy. I cannot fully describe it, you'll have to experience it yourself. There's no real scent, only a whiff of bare floral -- barely worth mentioning. You apply it on the face after cleansing, and before serums and moisturizers. Raw sauce absorbs right away so there's no dry time and it does not interfere with your foundation -- which means no pilling or peeling with multi-product use. Yay... It's hard to describe what it does but it makes skin super feel soft. My foundation appears to apply on smoother and stay fresh longer. I love this prep water essence and love that natural ingredients are used in the formula. I'm definitely buying this again when it's emptied. Also, the lovely frosted glass bottle has a little stopper cap to prevent spills and the top allows for a small amount to be dispensed each time so there's no mess. One last note, the bottle comes stored in a fun hemp pouch so you can easily travel with it. The packaging is really clean and modern. Sometimes taking a gamble on something new and exciting is worth it!

Availability: May Coop Raw Sauce, Sephora, $43, 5oz, $14, 1.43 oz


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