Happy Monday gorgeous readers! I have a moment to quickly talk about the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Luxury Cleansing Butter. This was part of a haul of beauty balms that I purchased awhile back because I became obsessed with facial balms. The reason for that is that balms are more gentle on dry skin. I have to say that this one is perfect. It's slightly better than the S. Riley Blue Moon balm, although that one is equally nice -- check my past reviews on the sidebar if you're interested. If anyone purchases this from Sephora, can you please tell me in the comment section if the logo on the jar is rubbed off. This is the third high end beauty product purchased from Sephora that has the logo slightly rubbed off the container and I know the product is new since it was sealed. I'm wondering if the jars are just made thriftily (plastic containers feel cheap) or mine were simply duds? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

A luxurious antiaging cleansing butter, infused with pure 24K Gold in a solid-to-oil formulation. This luxurious cleanser gently melts away makeup, dirt and impurities as it imparts an opulent glow. Chamomile butter and honey deliver intense hydration as kasturi turmeric helps soothe dry, sensitive skin. The silky, gold-infused texture offers lavish pampering treatment for all skin types, but especially dry skin. The result is skin that is left silky soft, comfortable, revitalized, and looking beautifully healthy and youthful.The accompanying natural root-based vegetable sponge puffs up when wet to gently cleanse and exfoliate skin. It features a unique, teardrop shape allows for a targeted, deeper cleansing and exfoliation.

Formula: The buttery balm has a slight iridescent gold sheen to it -- it's not glittery on the face but it does glisten. It applies easily and quickly smooths over the face quickly since it's so silky. The scent is somewhat like butter but sweeter, as if it had a slight vanilla twinge to it. You literally need only a dab of the product to cover the entire face area. You can use the included sponge, which works like a Japanese Konjac sponge when wet, to facilitate exfoliation, or if you have sensitive skin, you can use a muslin cloth and leave that on your face for a minute before rinsing off. After you rinse off the product, skin becomes instantly and ridiculously smooth, softened and exfoliated. Oh, and yes the balm contains genuine 24K colloidal gold. Fancy pantsy! It is rather pricey but the butter will last you a long time and if you ever wanted to just indulge in a skincare product then go ahead and splurge! Even if you try it only once. I'm in love with it. However, the jar is a little on the thrifty side -- a glass jar would have been nicer -- and the logo was slightly scratched off. I'm a little OCD when it comes to cosmetic or beauty jars. Sorry not sorry...

Availability: Sephora, PTR Glld Cleansing Balm, $55, 5 oz


  1. I'd love to try this!

  2. This sounds like a luxurious treat to add to my facial routine. The balm looks so pretty and fancy. Right now I'm all about cleansing oils, in currently using one by the body shop and i love it. this balm has me intrigued though



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