Hellooo! I'm so sorry for abandoning my usual fashion and other fun blog posts over the past year and a half. Ugh. Most of you know that I have been studying really hard and I'm almost done with my journey but not quite done yet... I know that the blog has been taking the back seat to more important things in my life. I have no idea where it will lead to but a change is coming and change is good and I'm hoping that you'll have patience with me while I'm sorting all the details out.

I created a mini trend report for what I believe are the ONLY five things you'll really need to live in this summer. Yes, I know there are six items in the photo. I added the handbag as an extra for those of you that don't like dusters, since the rose palette game is going strong this season. These work out perfect if you're on a budget so you don't have to worry about buying a ton of things to look trendy and cool in. Personally, I'm grateful that light denim flares are back because I own a GAZILLION pairs! So grab a pair of baby blue flares, a shiny gold bangle, any white maxi dress, an athletic inspired ensemble (leggins and top) and something rose colored and you're set for summer 2016! Easy breeezy, no stress... You likey? FYI -- I'll be studying all through the summer while everyone else is partying so please party double hard in my honor. But by next year I'll be ready to get out of this work prison! Like seriously, I'm booking a super long vacation somewhere. ANYWHERE! You have no idea how badly I need it. Stay Beautiful! XOXO



  1. I live in athletic wear so I'm loving that it's trending now.


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