Here's the review for Marc Jacobs Cover(T) Color Corrector Stick -- in the shade Bright Now #310  -- which I previewed on my instagram awhile back. I decided to splurge on this since Sephora was running a VIB Rouge promo so I didn't have to pay the full price. I'm on the fence about it though. The formula is decent, however, the price tag for the tweeensy-weeensy stick is absurd. The tube is bigger that the actual stick and the tube itself is pretty small. Basically the beauty industry is telling women to sell their blood to buy an occasional treat. Exactly. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

An easy-to-use color corrector stick in three marbleized hues brighten, neutralize, and conceal hyperpigmentation for an even complexion. It’s never been easier to target imperfections, conceal, and create a balanced-looking complexion. It comes in three specially formulated shade filters in marbleized dual hues: Bright Now to eliminate dullness, Co(vert) Affairs to neutralize redness, and Getting Warmer to conceal hyperpigmentation and cancel out dark circles. Velvety blurring pigments filter light for a soft-focus effect. Its creamy stick formulation has a silky touch and can be blended all-over or in targeted areas to create a radiant complexion. 

 product shown pushed up all the way, all of the color stick in the tube, it's not a lot

Formula: The cover stick has a creamy consistency and in my opinion is quite translucent. However, my skin tone is pale (yellow undertones) so that product doesn't really show up and perhaps it's supposed to work that way although it appears almost invisible when applied on skin. In a way, that quality can be advantageous if you need to apply it with a heavy hand I guess. What I also love is that it melts into my skin without leaving any greasy residue, instead my face seems illuminated. It does brighten up yellow skin tone and cuts the sallowness, which is why I always use violet/blue powders and primers. If you don't have any yellow undertones or have a medium skin coloring, this probably will not show up on your skin and you might want to try the green or apricot versions instead. Application is neat with the little pull up applicator -- and it's little, maybe 2.5 inches high. My biggest upset is the amount of product in the tube and as you can see from the photo above it's about an inch. Yes, it can last you awhile with just a dab but for $42 you can find loads of decent alternatives elsewhere. I don't not like it, it's the price point that infuriates me. Ugh. However, if you have pale lemon skin and want to glow and brighten up yellow undertones, it does work. This review sounds conflicted, doesn't it? Buy or don't buy? I'll leave that up to you.

Availability: Sephora, MJ Cover Stick, $42, available in 3 shades


  1. Looks nice byt not much product

  2. The packaging and primer look great. Why is is so small? <3

  3. I have no idea why they skimp out on the product fill! Ugh. XOXO


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