Happy Monday gorgeous readers! So, who is enjoying the lovely turn of weather here in New York? It's perfect. Not too chilly and no humidity. My hair rejoices on days like this. Back to business. I'm finally reviewing Herbivore Lapis Blue Tansey Facial Oil that I purchased like a really, really, long time ago. But don't worry because it's still available to buy at Sephora. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

  A facial oil that provides balanced moisture without clogging pores. This facial oil offers balanced hydration to combination and oily skin. It also reduces redness and clarifies the complexion with the power of azulene-rich natural blue oils. It absorbs deeply and effectively into the skin without clogging pores for balanced overall hydration.

Formula: I have to mention that Lapis contains the same ingredient as Sunday Riley's Luna Oil and is slightly less expensive -- although still pricey. I'll be reviewing Luna oil at a later date. The oil looks heavy but actually it is quite lightweight and the absorption is decent. If you have dry skin like me, the oil will soak up faster but with minimal application -- a few drops -- all skin types can work this into their routine. The blue tint does not show up on the skin as much as in the Luna oil and the fragrance is fresh. If you didn't know, tansey oil comes mainly from German Chamomile flowers. Don't quote me on that...  I love that the silky oil glides easily over my skin without any sticky residue and it's made out of natural ingredients -- plus it's cruelty-free. Also, I found that it's soothing on the skin after a facial or glycolic peel due to the azulene element. Azulene used to be a spa secret back in the day. It was applied on the skin after peeling or waxing to cool the irritation and redness. I always had a hard time finding Azulene oil so I'm glad it's available here. I would consider buying this in the future although the price is not something I'm keen about. The upside is that the oil will last you a long time and the gorgeous glass bottle and dropper applicator are additional cool features.

Availability: Sephora, Herbivore Tansey Oil, $72, 1.7 oz


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