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Happy Monday Gorgeous readers! Today I'm talking about the wonders of Emjoi Micro-Pedi. If you follow the blog then you've read past reviews from the Emjoi brand. Emjoi creates spa-worthy face and body gadgets that make grooming at home easy, convenient and affordable for women. Now is the ideal time to start preparing tired and rough foot skin that has been hiding inside your boots all winter long. Prepare to show off sexy sandal or stiletto worthy footsies! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Micro-Pedi blue micro-roller is like a pumice stone that rotates thirty times per second at a precision 360 degree angle being abrasive enough to remove the most hardened calloused skin off your heels yet gentle enough to not cut feet. It literally takes one minute to remove years of dry skin that no lotion or pedicure treatment can do

Opinion: The innovative micro-pedi is battery operated and easy to use -- there are no complicated steps to take. It's a well constructed device that will last you years with proper maintenance.  Micro-pedi is a little workhorse of a gadget that easily cuts through hardened layers of old skin. Firstly, wash feet and make certain that they are completely dry, then read the manual to follow of of the safety precautions, such as, not sharing the device with anyone as it's meant for one person use. Then remove the outer protective case, insert the batteries, power on and smooth all over you feet from the balls of your feet to the heels. The shape is ergonomically correct and contoured to glide over the balls of your feet with ease. Make sure to roll the device over an area for no more than 3 seconds each swipe because it's very abrasive and it really takes off layers of skin! You don't want to end up peeling through too much layers as you might irritate the skin. The results are the SMOOTHEST and baby soft skin that lasts for weeks. Be advised that after multiple uses you will have to replace the blue roller which you can find for a low price at Emjoi or wherever micro-pedi is sold. The rollers are also sold in packs to save money. The best part of owning one is that you have hundreds of dollars on spa and salon visits!

Availability: Mass Retail,Emjoi, Ulta Beauty, Sally Beauty, $39.99+


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