The Body Shop Spa of the World Body Mask Brush is the ideal way to apply masks, or other products, to larger skin areas. The brush was made to work in tandem with their World Spa Collection. Surprisingly, I found it has dual use as a foundation brush and the wide angles are great for applying make-up quickly while the flat hairs help with stippling. As always, Body Shop products are cruelty free. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Enhance your home spa experience with this specially designed body brush. The Body Mask Brush allows you to get closer to your skin and applying the perfect amount of your favorite body mask ideal for use with one of the Spa of the World body clay masks. Discover more about the Spa of the World Body Care Collection. Pairs perfectly with the Moroccan Rhassoul Body Clay
Enhances the spa experience. Soft, cruelty-free synthetic hair. Wide brush allows for smooth, even application. 

Opinion: The brush, constructed out of sustainable ash wood from China, is about four and a half inches long and the bristle head is about one and a half inch wide. The synthetic hairs are really soft and there is no shedding even after washing. What I love besides the wide, flat bristles  -- which makes applying body masks easier -- is that the bottom of the handle is rounded and flat so you can stand the brush up -- see above image. This works well when you have product on the brush and don't want to make a mess by laying it flat on your vanity surface. As I mentioned earlier, I discovered that you can use this as a foundation brush -- or other face products -- to apply make-up faster. Although, the synthetic fibers are slightly glossy so it may work with some types of make-up and not others. It's a useful beauty tool to have around, plus it's budget friendly and well-constructed making it durable.

Availability: The Body Shop, Mask Brush, $15
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