Happy Monday gorgeous readers! Like all great life changing debates, such as deciding to go with vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream or drink an iced cold Coca-Cola instead of Pepsi, a new war is brewing over bath care. Liquid and cream bath cleansers have been a fast, growing trend over the past few years. It's popularity over soap bars have shown a surge in sales of over 35%, as reported in the Mintel market research firm. Women consumers find liquid body washes more modern and have no problem splurging on high-end brands. As a matter of fact, most women will tell you they think a bar of soap is outdated and have skipped using them altogether. How fickle the female persuasion can be. And don't ever try to persuade a woman who has sworn loyalty to her favorite skincare regime in giving it up. When a girl decides to stick with a product or method she loves, it's usually done so in a blood oath. Okay, so perhaps that's a twinge on the dramatic side but which exactly is the better option, bar soap or body wash? Aside from personal preferences, I have tried to break down the pro's and con's of each type. Let the soap versus body wash battle begin! Stay Beautiful! XOXO


better moisturizing qualities
more neutral pH balanced skin formula
luscious fragrance formula
scrub wash improves circulation/exfoliates skin
long term skin brightening effect with glycolic formula glycerins, sunflower oils or other oils hydrate the skin
more popular among women consumers

scented formula loses potency out of shower
softening effects may dissipate immediately after shower
higher cost than bar soap, especially in higher-end brands
bottles are bulkier to travel with
may not completely remove dirt/grime


travel friendly 
antibacterial/kills germs
better odor protection
new formulation with rich hydrating oils 
cost efficient/less expensive in bulk packs

traditional formula may be more drying

Bottom Line: While soap bars are more drying because of the sodium hydroxide required to start the cleansing process, they are hands down the better cleaning method of choice when it comes to removing dirt and grime. However, some bar brands manufacture liquid body washes that have both dual cleansing and hydrating action.

The results? That would have to be a question that only you can decide. You'd have to factor in what you're willing to pay, your body's own particular skin needs and dare I say it, even being drawn to a purchase by the allure of fancy brand packaging with luxurious fragrance options. As for myself, being a middle child, I always strive to find the balancing approach. Keeping the scales of justice even, I choose both. I'll never give up my Lever 2000 because I swear it's CLEAN game is strong enough to wash heavenly angels with  -- but because my skin is sensitive and slightly on the dry side, I still need to add a touch of hydration by finishing off my shower routine with a creamy body wash. So there you go. When it doubt, choose both. What's your clean method? 

Thank you Natalie for originally posting my write-up on Ohheartsan!
Written by Maria Rosaria. Do not copy or distribute without my express permission.


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