Thanks to a recent bonus gift for Platinum members from Ulta Beauty, I was able to discover an interesting new hair product, Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose Plumping Mousse. I was skeptical at first because for starters, I dislike hair mousse and secondly, it contains oil. Surprisingly, it's not like a mousse at all and it smells fantastic! Another rose scented beauty product to fall in love with. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

For supple volume, apply a golf ball size of Volume Rose Plumping Mousse from roots to ends. Shake well before use. 
Blow dry and style hair as desired.

Formula: Volume Rose comes out as a fluffy, airy mousse that instantly dissolves into a subtle cream with a light oil texture. However, it's not oily! Go figure. Plus, it's not sticky either. There is no gooey residue or crunchy texture left on the hair. My hair is long and curly which is why I despise traditional mousse because it turns my hair into icicle thingies. This mousse does not feel like a mousse and leaves a fresh rose scent in your hair. My curls are defined and easily styled so I can keep my hair looking crisp all day --  and when you run your fingers over your locks, it feels baby soft! As for the plumping effect, I get some texture on the bottom half but if I apply it on the top it can weigh the hair down. If you have super thick hair (mine is fine on the crown) then you'll probably have better luck using this all over. I love Volume Rose for the curl definition, fresh scent and the feathery soft effect it has on my hair so I would consider buying it in the future.

Availability: Ulta Beauty, Volume Rose, $20, 8 oz


  1. I would love to smell this. It sounds different.

  2. It does smell so fresh! XOXO

  3. I love how these smell. They use it at my hair salon.


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