Happy Monday gorgeous readers! You must excuse me for posting this extraordinarily late review for the Tarte Limited Edition Holiday Jewel  Maracuja Oil + Sequin Brush Holder. Between research papers and new things happening in my life around the time when the product was originally purchased -- during the past Christmas holiday -- it was hard for me to get in all of my holiday reviews. So, I figured why not share the images in the event that Tarte comes out with a similar product or if you happen to find it for sale somewhere, although I'm pretty certain it's sold out. I'm not doing a full review since I already did one for the original Maracuja Oil and it's the same product, only the bottle is limited edition. Thanks for understanding. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Rich in essential fatty acids known to recharge and replenish skin, maracuja oil helps deliver an rejuvenated even-toned complexion while giving the appearance of brighter skin thanks to a high dose of vitamin C. This powerful anti-aging elixir provides instant hydration - quenching dry skin with no greasy or filmy feel.

gold sparkly sequin box doubles as a vanity brush holder
the box was hard to photograph due to the super sparkly effect under lighting 

same dropper applicator as the regular oil

bottle top is encrusted with crystal studs and jewels

Formula: The oil is the exact same formula as the original, white in color, nutty in scent and thick in consistency. It absorbs nicely into the skin when applied minimally. A weird observation: I have noticed this particular oil from Tarte does not have lasting shelf wear in comparison to other oils, meaning, use it up quickly and don't let it hang around your vanity table for more than six months or so. While Maracuja oil is moisturizing and beneficial to the skin, the scent may start to turn weird rather quickly. I've purchased this oil many times so I can say it always happens and it's not just one bad batch. Bottle: The limited edition bottle is gorgeous! It's refillable and has a shiny, jewel studded applicator top. The gold case it's packaged in is also sparkly and constructed out of a durable, sturdy sequin covered cardboard. The case doubles as a brush holder for the vanity table. Here's hoping a lot of you guy's grabbed this special container after I talked about it on my instagram account back in December. Back then, Ulta Beauty was running a special promotion for Platinum members and this was being offered at a special price so I decided to buy it for the crystal refillable bottle.



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