I have been wanting to do a skincare routine of the moment post for quite some time now but I'm always pressed for time so here's a mini-review of what products I'm currently using the most. In the future, I'll be doing a skin cocktail post on the products that I mix-n-match in my daily routine. Skin cocktail's have been an ongoing trend for awhile and it's basically how you layer different products that work best for your own skin type -- basically a skin cocktail... Most woman can be fanatical about their "cocktails" and can layer up to six different products at once! Beauty is life... If you're interested in any of these products featured here, search my sidebar in skin care and facial oils to read the past reviews. What are you currently using? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 Inca Oil from Cake Beauty and Bosical Tsubuki Oil remain my top fave facial products

The top featured products (first blog photos) are as follows: My Clarisonic Mia (an older model but still working!) this exfoliates, cleans and softens my skin. I use it with my Soap and Glory Clarity Face Soap and a few times a week with Bliss Micro-Scrub cream. Both of these products make my face feel squeaky clean, although sometimes drying which is why I use facial oils at the end. The days that my skin is sensitive I use more gentle products such as Boscia Tsubuki Exfoliating Facial Powder and Primera Peeling Gel -- both are chemical rather than mechanical exfoliators. As a mask treatment, GLAMGLOW original mud is my favorite because it clarifies and tightens the skin. Also, on the days where my skin might breakout or isn't that sensitive I use SKYN Iceland exfoliating pads. I try not to use them often because they are super drying but perfect when the weather is humid and sticky. Finally, after washing and exfoliating my skin, I apply Patricia Wexler pink serum -- I forgot to add the image but I reviewed it on the blog already -- and then layer either one of my facial oils, Inca Oil from Cake Beauty or Tsubuki Oil, as the last step. The facial oil only gets a thin layer that is gently patted on the skin. These products have been working for me but I'm in the process of looking for a better cleanser that does not dry the skin and a less harsh retinal moisturizer, even though the Wexler one is amazing, it's harsh! So, until I change up my routine again that's what I'm currently using.



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