Yesterday I posted a photo of Cake Beauty Inca Oil Extraordinaire Rejuvenating Oil on instagram and promised to do a review for you guy's today. This was one of those unexpected finds from a summer Ulta Beauty splurge. I have to admit that my curiosity for the oil and the brand's name, Cake Beauty, was the initial reason for my buy. After-all, I like cake. No. Actually, I love cake. Cake = Good Times! Also, as my members may already know, I'm an oil fanatic and my psychic powers were on point that day telling me to buy the larger size bottle because I would love it. And of course my intuition was right. I knew I loved Inca oil before ever trying it. Psychic chicks rock! It's such a game changer in the world of facial oils that I went out and purchased another large bottle. Who want's to place bets on me for working towards a third? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Achieve unparalleled radiance, softness, and suppleness with Cake Beauty's Inca Oil Extraordinaire Rejuvenating Oil for body, face & hair. With an unprecedented concentration of omega 3,6 & 9, it hydrates and rejuvenates like no other. 1. Body - Apply all over the body daily. 2. Face - Add a booster to your routine or use sparingly alone. 3. Hair - Pump a few drops into hands and apply modestly to hair, concentrating on the ends. Pair with inca cleansing & revitalizing shower oil for extra hydrated skin

Formula: Firstly, be forewarned of Inca oil's UH-MAH-ZING scent! You'll want to lick yourself all over after lathering it on your body. I don't even know how to begin to describe the aroma. It smells like fragrant pastry puffs, strawberry shortcake and freshly squeezed oranges. There's a fresh burst of citrus in here from orange peel. If unicorn sweat had a scent... The sweet -- yet non-nauseatingly so -- bouquet alone is worth buying it for but thankfully it's a miracle skin product as well. The formula is ultra lightweight yet richly luxurious. My favorite quality about the oil -- a feature hard to come by in most facial oils -- is it's fast, absorbing action. Inca oil does not sit on the skin so you can apply a heavier hand and it will melt into the deep layers of your flesh. I add a little extra on top of my retinal serum and by the time I go to sleep there's no sticky residue on my pillow. The oil does not cause any irritations and can be used on all skin types. The ingredients are loaded with skin benefiting Omega's -- 3, 6 and 9 to be exact. Also, the formula contains Inca Inchi oil, grapeseed and safflower oil, vitamin E, and orange peel. What is does not have are non GMO's, parabens, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil, pertoleum and the brand is cruelty free! SQUeeeeee! Use on your face, body, hands, feet, add shine to the ends of hair or even as a shaving oil. It's definitely a must-have go-to product in your skincare arsenal that you'll be reaching for again and again. Plus, the glass bottle is super pretty and the pump mechanism is perfect! A small drop pumps out each time. It's hard to find a pump mechanism on oil products that work correctly. I have absolutely NOTHING bad to say about Inca oil. It's perfect. Too perfect. Hmm. I'm starting to suspect a posse of secret magical unicorns create this stuff and hide under the guise of mere mortals. I'm on to you Cake Beauty beauties!

Availability: Ulta Beauty, Cake Inca Oil, $36 4 oz, $22, 2 oz


  1. Great review. I'll place it on my buy list <3

  2. The scent sounds amazing.

  3. I enjoyed reading your review.


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