Happy Friday gorgeous readers! I know I've been neglecting my beauty and fashion trend reports lately due to other responsibilities so I thought I would create one today. This is a quick inspiration board of some hot items that are on trend right now. In beauty, brown and nude tone lip creams are all the rage. My favorite ones are made by NYX, from their new Lip Lingerie Collection. I purchased like 10 of them so stay tuned for a review. Other brands are creating the same lippies but I feel NYX is more affordable and easier to find in drug stores. Another hot lip trend is ombre lips. Again, NYX is offering double-sided lip pencils that allow you to create ombre shaded lip looks. And of course we're all seeing color correctors everywhere. These primer-type concealers allow you to mask or minimize pesky skin flaws according to color type. For example, green creams help hide irritated red skin and lavender helps remove sallowness on yellow skin tones. While high-end brands are cashing in on this trend, you can just as easily find comparable brands at your local Target. In the world of hair, ponytails are the go-to hair styles on fashion runways of late. Who doesn't love a ponytail? It's a quick and easy way to pull a look together and allows you to add signature hair accessories to top it off. Finally, we have septum rings or clickers (nose rings) made with exotic jewels or industrial metals. I went crazy last week and added a few more updated pieces to the ones I've had since high school. Yes. I can keep shizzz forever. And while none of these things are new -- everything is recycled in the world of fashion and beauty -- however, they are the newest obsessions right now! What's your favorite out of the bunch? Go crazy and pile them on all at once! Enjoy your weekend! Stay Beautiful! XOXO



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