I know this review is super extraordinarily late but it couldn't be helped. I was going to do an entire post on the different things happening in my life right now that are taking up all of my time in order to give you guy's a heads up on where I'm at, but sadly I don't even have time for that. You probably have seen photos of the Shea Moisture Dry Mist + Massage Oil when they were posted on my Instagram and Twitter feed -- almost a year ago! Yikes! While I had a chance to review some of Shea Moisture Hair products but never got around to these two oils. I first fell in love with the brand after receiving samples from Pinch Me and then again when a couple were featured in a past Target Beauty Box. The products were really amazing and the brand ethics are that of a vegan, cruelty-free and natural ingredient policy which made me love them more. I have to say though, that these two particular products were not my favorites. Although, this doesn't discourage me from purchasing future Shea products. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Formula: To start, the dry oil mist spray mechanism was really bad, the oil leaked everywhere! It took me forever to use up, which wasn't the problem but it made me annoyed every time I had to go and use it because it was messy and sticky. The scent was also super subtle, not as fragrant as their other products and it didn't linger on the skin, plus it went stale pretty quickly and did not hydrate that well. The massage oil was just a disaster. The scent was even less pronounced plus the oil was very sticky on my body. The weird part was that after the second week the oil turned rancid. When I say rancid I mean it clouded up and turned into this gluey substance with the most grossest smell. This usually happens to a bad oil product that has been sitting around for years, not a product you recently purchased only a couple of weeks earlier. In all fairness, it could have been sold old or something was off with the formula. I'm assuming they're not all like that or people would stop buying it. I was a little turned off by these two products but as I mentioned before I would still consider buying from the brand in the future. I'm only trying to express a honest, personal experience and not trying to sound insulting because I love the other Shea hair products that I tested out.

Availability: Target, Ulta Beauty, Mass Retail, $5+


  1. Sorry the bath oils didn't work out for you.

  2. It is. The other hair products were nice though XOXO

  3. Thank you for being honest <3


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