Happy Monday gorgeous readers! Here's another eye palette from this past holiday's haul that I forget to review, although you probably saw the photos on my instagram account -- Lunatick Cosmetic Lab Eye Palette in shade Supernatural. They offer about three different varieties and I chose this for the taupe and copper range. I know I swore off palettes -- and I've been pretty good at keeping that vow for over a year now -- but this one was just too flippin adorable and unique to pass up. On the plus side, the colors are suitable for everyday wear so it's not just eye candy. My sights are set on the adorable planchette shaped powder compact as a next splurge! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

close up detail of bat shaped mirror

  swatch taken from brand website

left to right: Invocation (shimmer/highlighter), Myth (pale highlighter), Spook (intesnse copper, slight shimmer), Reincarnation (taupe matte) Ghoulight (gray taupe matte)

Formula: Firstly, let me mention that the shadows are more pigmented than they look on the brand's swatch, especially the first highlighter shade. I believe it's the most sparkly one of the bunch. The palest shade Myth is slightly a bit chalky because it's so white and pale but the formula is silky and they all blend well. Wear time is decent but it helps to apply a really good primer first. The copper and those two taupe shades are to die for! I love the way they work well with my light skin tone and hazel/amber eyes. I'm sure this will work on many different skin tones even though they are semi-sheer shadows. Your best bet is to apply them with a mixing solution for a more intense look. Or you can simply apply layers over wet, primed lids. If you think this version is not for you, then check out the other color options they offer. The palette is constructed from a heavy cardboard material, shaped like a coffin and has a magnetic closure. The inside includes a decent bat-shaped mirror and loads of fantastic supernatural artwork. One of the shadow pans appears to be filled into a planchette design that carries the Ouija theme from the palette cover. I'm sure Ouija board enthusiast will love this. Each piece is crafted by hand and they also do custom work so that makes owning a piece perfect for collectors. Overall, I'm impressed with the palette and the brand's cruelty-free policy!

Availability: Lunatick Cosmetic Lab, Supernatural, $35


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