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Have you ever wanted to just go on an online shopping spree for you and your entire family but had to restrain yourself because those pesky little financial responsibilities need to be taken care of first? You know, like buying groceries and paying the mortgage and such. Wouldn't be great if you can browse for different categories of affordable products all on one website? Recently, a representative from the online shopping brand, GEARBEST, asked me if I wanted to share their story with my members. I'm game when it comes to discovering new shopping venues so I am passing the info along to you guy's. GEARBEST is a one stop destination for apparel, jewelry, accessories, house goods, tech gadgets, and a plethora of really cool gifts for every member of the family. The price points are beyond reasonable and they accept all major credit cards. Plus shipping to the U.S. is absolutley free! I put together a collage of a few of my favorite finds  -- pictured below -- and as you can see the site has a nice variety of playful gifts to choose from. Like, how adorable is that little girl hoodie and the gladiator cap! Feel free to browse around and shop for whatever catches your fancy. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

GEARBEST provides and extensive 
collection, fast and free shipping, customer protection and excellent customer service. Plus they offer world-wide shipping with Fed-Ex, DHL, EMS and accept PAYPAL

Are you interested in that flirty lace black dress pictured above this post?  It's a scoop collar long sleeve dress in a mini style, constructed of polyester and lace. The cost is an affordable $13. Fashion can be budget friendly! Happy shopping.

Availability: GEARBEST Lace Dress, $12.10


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