Sorry for the late review on this. I know I added photo's to instagram when I first purchased the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecter Poured Highlighter. Unlike the pressed powder version -- that review is somewhere under the highlighter links  -- this version is creamy. Also, unlike the moonstone shade, Pearl is a pure flat white (silver shift). It retails at $37 but Ulta Beauty was running a Platinum Members promotion during the late summer and the cost was about $17. I'm glad I purchased it during the promotion because I had no idea how tiny it would be and yes this is the full size  -- it's about less than half the size of the pressed powder! Yikes! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

A pigment-rich, creamy highlighter that provides high color payoff with soft, sophisticated shimmer. This rich cream formula features multi-toned, ultrafine pigment pearls that adjust to your skin’s natural undertones, accentuating the high points of the face with sophisticated shimmer. Liquid hydrators create a smooth, creamy finish, bringing light and lift to your best features.

comparison:skin perfector is half the size of Becca's moonstone pressed powder

 it's hard to capture the creamy shimmery particles in the formula because the 
product is really white in color so I had to slightly dim the flash

Formula: I love the creaminess of the highlighter, it's not too runny and not too dry, plus it's a perfect true pearl shade with a hint of shimmery silver glimmer. A small dab on the cheeks or around the orbital eye bone area really brightens up the skin and gives off a youthful glow. The compact is equipped with a small, quality mirror and the signature Becca spaceship saucer-like top. My only issue is the size, the compact is SUPER TINY! While you probably need a bare minimum of the product, I feel $37 is way over cost for the product fill weight. However, the quality is amazing and if you're a pure pearl aficionado, then you might want to splurge. I was lucky enoguh to purchase it at discount and probably wouldn't have bought it at full price if I had seen the compact first.

Availability: Ulta Beauty, Sephora Becca Skin Perfector Poured, $38


  1. Looks beautiful. Thanks for the review

  2. I love the compact shape. Too bad the size is smaller than the original powder one.


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