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Here's another product that I'll be talking about today as an installment of my #FeelGood #LookGood #2016 series of blog posts, Stay Lean Tea 14 Day Detox Program. This is a fabulous way for you guy's to jump start a new diet since a cleanse allows you to lose extra water weight and prepare your body for a healthier way of eating. Plus don't forget to use my special disocunt code below for 10% off your order. Stay Beautiful! XOXO


The 14 Day Detox program helps to:
Give the metabolism a huge boost
Burn fat & excess calories while at rest
Suppress appetite over a sustained period of time
Remove toxins from the digestive tract
Enhance nutrient absorption
Reduce bloating and water retention
Increase energy levels and boost the immune system. Includes TWO :Lean Burner Blend: 14 pyramid tea bags 
(1 tea bag for every morning),Lean Cleanse Blend: 7 pyramid tea bags (1 tea bag for every second afternoon)

Ingredients:Lean Burner Blend: Longjing green leaf, Pu'erh Tea Leaf, Dandelion Leaf, Lotus leaf, Lemon Grass, Oolong leaf, Goji Berry. Lean Cleanse Blend: Longjing green leaf, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, Rose flower, Lavender, Roselle, Lemon Grass. The key ingredient is the rare leaf Longjing which is loaded with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and catechins that work together to stimulate fat loss and detoxify the body.

Opinion: After finishing the fourteen day plan, my weight loss was about three pounds, which I believe is water weight, but I feel less bloated and more energetic. And after over indulging in holiday treats, Stay Lean has returned me back into a mental state of eating less and eating healthier just like before the Christmas season. The system is really easy to use: One tea is bag (burner blend) is taken every single morning and the cleanse tea is taken every other afternoon. I think the cleanse tea was mild as I didn't experience anything out of the ordinary in digestive issues. I actually thought it might not have been working but if you are a person who has never done a cleanse or your eating habits consists of processed and junk foods, it might be more effective for you. Also, the teas are made of natural ingredients and contain a lot of powerful antioxidants so it's a win-win situation for your health overall. My only issue was that I was hoping to lose a little more water weight and that the tea had more of a potent energy kick but the flavor was mild and it was a pleasurable experience. As with any new health plan, make certain you read the directions carefully and talk it over with your doctor if you have any special medical or dietary needs. Happy detoxing!

Availability: Stay Lean, 14 Day Detox, $39


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