I reviewed the Kat Von D Lock It Foundation twice on the blog already so today I'll only be talking about the amazing Stippling Brush that was included in a QVC special set. Basically, you pay for the foundation and the brush is included for free. It was worth buying the foundation again just to receive this amazing a$$ brush! I'm including one of the Lock-It reviews in a link below this post if you're interested in reading more about it. If you follow my blog then you know how excited I get when I find a NEUTRAL  -- no beige, no red, no dirty yellow pigments --  foundation for pale skin. Light 42 is like vampire worthy and works well with my pale yellow tone. I try to stock up on the shade when I can but I really wanted to try that cool brush. I hate to break the news to you but it's sold out on QVC and I'm hearing it will be restocked so if you want to see the brush in action so that you can decide if you'd like to buy it in the future, check out the video below. I did tweet about this offer profusely when it first came out and posted a couple of Instagram photos so hopefully you guy's were able to buy one at the time. Keep in mind that because I'm super swamped with work and research papers lately, I find that adding beauty news and offers on my twitter and IG accounts works out best for me right now so follow there if you like. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Opinion: The brush is made out of a really lightweight, shiny aluminum material and the bristles are synthetic, cruelty-free fibers with a nice density to it yet it's slightly fluffy. The handle is all black with a silver KVD monogram stamped on the top portion. So far the name hasn't wiped off yet and hopefully it won't. I actually thought it wasn't going to work out when I first felt it in my hands because it's so weightless and the bristles fluffed out a bit but it's fantastic! I really don't know how to describe this brush. It just works. You need to experience it for yourself to understand. The bristles pick up the barest amount of pigments to create a FLAWLESS air-brush finish. No streaks, no foundation settling into fine lines and the stippling effect is superb. You can cover up flaws in seconds without a caked heavy look even if you are heavy handed with your make-up application. My photos came out bad because I took them in a hurry so that's why I added the video above so you can see it up close and in action. Keep a look out for it the next time it's restocked and buy it. I was hoping to find it at Sephora so I could buy a spare -- I have a compulsion to buy things in pairs -- but no such luck as it appears to be a QVC bonus with the foundation.

Previous Lock-It Foundation review
Availability: QVC KVD Brush Set, Sold Out, On back order. $35
Foundation only at Sephora


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