Here's a quick look at the past holiday Guerlain Meteorites for the Face and Decollete Powder. I didn't review them earlier because they were already sold out. They had been sold out for awhile before I purchased them and I was only able to purchase them because I got lucky. One day I checked the link and there was one available! Just one. This is a reoccurring theme for me, the fact that there is always one product left, and always in my size or choice of color and sometimes the SKU item number has my birth date in it. Truth... Cosi e la vita... Stay Beautiful! XOXO

A pearly-white Christmas bauble filled with the iconic Météorites illuminating powder pearls to enhance the face and décolleté with a radiant glow. What it does: These Météorites pearls are made of light-reflecting iridescent pearly particles that leave the skin looking radiant with an illuminating glow. It features pearls in beige hues to even out the skintone, champagne to illuminate, and golden for a subtle, sunkissed effect. These pearls are infused with light-correcting nacres that harmoniously blend together to create a pure and correcting light for perfectly tailored luminosity, creating an ultrasoft powder that smooths the complexion for a unique, soft finish. These powder pearls reveal the iconic violet fragrance of Météorites.

top lid of the globe has a small mirror

Opinion: This is their best one yet in terms of execution because it comes with a handy little mirror, star shaped powder and a better quality puff. The pearls themselves are just like the others, shimmery, sheer and with a strong scent of iris and violet. IRIS! IRIS is life. I'm like an Iris junkie. I open up my meteorite boxes and just INHALE until I pass out. What they should have done with this set is to have made the balls bigger. Oh. Did I just type that? Ignore. I've been running on empty, forgetting to eat and experiencing sleeplessness due to all of the holiday hoopla and beginning a more difficult course on child development. What I was trying to say is that they should have gone the route of the Butterfly meteorites which were super size at 60 grams because that would have been brilliant. Guerlain's winter wonderland globe of gorgeousness could have been much more genius in that way. By the way, in person, the pearls look like little glistening fairy wings. My photo does not do it justice. Is anyone else an iris/violet sniffer or perhaps just simply a meteorite fan?

Availability: Sephora, $80 Sold Out


  1. Pounced on the set as soon as Sephora listed it. It's gorgeous <3

  2. Such a pretty powder box.


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