OZ Naturals Vegan Collagen Type 1 & 3 + Vitamin C Supplement

*product was sent to me for my consideration, my review is genuine and my own opinion*

For another installment of my #LookGood #FeelGood #2016 blog posts, here's NEW! OZ Naturals, Collagen + Vitamin C Supplement, since it is about that time of year when people start examining health and dietary habits. Figuring out how to jump start a new health regime is not necessarily that daunting of a task. Personally, I feel it's more than making resolutions but rather letting go of the negative habits in our lives and there's no better way to accomplish this than by shifting your focus to what goes into your body. I have to admit, I'm not an avid vitamin consumer but OZ Naturals has made it easy by introducing a VEGAN, NON-GMO supplement. I'm so excited that they created a line of supplements because if you shop around in nutrition stores, you'll know how difficult it is to find vitamins and protein shakes that contain no animal by products. I hope you enjoy this and future posts on helping you become a better you in 2016! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

6000 MG Collagen Type 1 & 3 + Vitamin C Supplement 250 Tablets. THIS ANTI AGING Formula Is Essential For Healthy Glowing Skin, Hair & Nails. COLLAGEN IS Proven To Help 
 Promote Skin Firmness & Hydration For That 
Healthy Youthful Glow. 250 TABLETS - 1 Bottle Will Last You A Full 41 Days When Used Daily. OZ Naturals Supplements Follow FDA. Formulation Guidelines & Are Made In The USA

Opinion: Admittedly, the first whiff you get when removing the cap off of the bottle, is not a pleasant one. I guess because it's been sealed and finally the contents are exposed to air, but no worries, that soon dissipates! There's no weird taste, you pop them in your mouth and drink. Viola! Easy. The tablets go down smooth and it's recommended that you take them on an empty stomach (wait 30 minutes before eating) for maximum absorption. I have been taking them for about three weeks now, however, you need to wait anywhere from thirty days to a couple of months to see full results. So far, I can already tell that my nails and hair are showing signs of improvement from shinier hair and stronger nails. I have to mention that I include a vegan protein shake in my diet and try to eat right and exercise daily. Remember, vitamins are not miracle workers, they help supplement the missing or lacking nutrients in the body. This is a fabulous way for me to get extra collagen intake that's vegan and cruelty-free. Collagen and Vitamin C are excellent sources for healthy skin, bones, hair, nails, immune system and of course youthful, supple skin. I'm excited to see the long term results and recommend that you try the product. On the plus side, the large 250 count bottle is only $15.99! Awesome! This is about three times less the price of higher end brands from GNC or other places like that. Tag me on twitter with the hashtags below if you're looking forward to getting in shape this year!

#LookGood #FeelGood
Availability: OZ Naturals Collagen + Vitamin C Supplements, Amazon, $15.99


  1. This sounds like something that I might need. Great review.

  2. sounds healthy. happy new year. xx

  3. Sounds interesting. I tried a collagen supplement that you mixed with water and drank and it tasted terrible. Didn't even manage to get one drink down. It was like drinking a really disgusting tasting slime...


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