HELLO! Who else on the East Coast thinks it's annoying that we have headed into November with 70 degree weather! Ugh. It's not natural that summer never left. In other news, I'm finally able to post my review for Bite Beauty Opal Creme Lipstick. I purchased this as part of a birthday haul, which was right around the time it debuted and there was such a hype around it. I can't help myself. Each time an irridescent pearl product comes out I must buy. My past life, inner mermaid screams, "Buy biatch, buy it!" I try to drown out her voice but she's a Pisces and little chilly fish is not having it. Mermaid dramzzzz. Anyhoo, it's a lovely sheer lipstick, and I mean it's sheer. However, it's creamy -- not the buttery side of creamy -- and the color is sublimely gorgeous. It goes from a pearl silver shift to a violet/blue shift all with little iridescent sparkles but no glitter -- it's on the mature side of shimmer. As of now it still has retained its moisture level and I'm hoping that it will not dry out before I use it up. I also use it as a highlighter around the eyes and cheeks. You can apply it as is or under or over other lip products for a dramatic effect. Overall, I'm happy but wish it was more creamy and slightly more pigmented. There's a video on Sephora shows the product better because on my swatch the pale shade was hard to capture on photo. You likey? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

A two-tone pearl, sheer cream lipstick for a multidimensional lip look. BITE Beauty’s Opal Crème Lipstick is designed to be applied on its own for an iridescent finish, or apply top of any lip color to add an ultraviolet dimension. Its infusion of organic fruit butters leaves creamy texture that conditions and nourishes lips with every use. Use this lipstick as a highlighter 
for a sheer, iridescent glow. 

 one coat, it's a more pigmented violet/blue shift in person

Availability: Sephora, Bite Beauty Opal Creme, $24

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