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I have been using this lovely moisturizer, Argan Oil Hydration from 100 Percent Pure for awhile now so I'm ready to review it. It's packed with nutritional ingredients such as green tea and herbs, in addition to Argan oil, plus it protects the skin against harmful UVA/UVB sun rays. Read more about it below. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Moisturizing formula with SPF 30 to block out the sun's UVA/UVB rays infused with nutrients such as Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Green Tea and Herbal Extracts to soften and nourish skin. In addition to protecting against the sun's UV rays, antioxidants provide protection against environmental damage to the skin. Protects against skin cancer, fine lines, wrinkles and dark sun/age spots! New Formula. Thicker and more concentrated than original. Will leave a white cast on your skin due to the high % of Zinc Oxide, the natural sunblock that shields your skin. If you have dry skin, we recommend you use a facial oil first and then a small amount of the argan oil spf 30 moisturizer on top.

Formula: This thick and creamy moisturizer is improved from it's original formula. I have never tried the original so I can't say what the difference is but I believe it's a richer cream. The moisturizer absorbs a little too well on my face -- makes it slightly drying -- but does not leave any residue. My skin is really dry so I find adding a little facial oil underneath the product allows for a little more comfort. If your skin is on the oilier side then you should be just fine. Just be careful not to over apply as it may leave a minimal white residue behind, due to the UV sun protection. All sunscreens with natural zinc oxide are basically like this so it's not a big deal. I love that there are no chemicals and my skin is protected naturally year round. I'm hoping with use it can clear up little sunspots as stated in the description. This would be a nice plus! The tube isn't that huge so you can pack it into your gym bag or larger purse when your out and about if you need to reapply during the day. Shop the the link below.

FYI: The brand has just launched their Purist Program. You can earn points on purchases in a similar way to Sephora's program. Visit the site and sign up today.

Availability: 100 Percent Pure Moisturizer $32 1.6 oz

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