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Up for review today is the Aqua Boost Hydrating Mask from 100 Percent Pure. Before I discuss the mask, I would like to share some info about their Purist Reward Program that I previously tweeted about. When you register on the site, you can earn reward points for purchases. It basically works similar to the Sephora beauty rewards. Earn while shopping, how amazing is that! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Super hydrating mask delivers water to thirsty, dehydrated skin cells so complexion is rejuvenated, plump and refreshed. Dehydrated skin shows lines and wrinkles, sagging and bumps. When your skin is hydrated, you look more rested. "Hydrating" is adding water into your skin cells whereas "moisturizing"" is adding oil healthy skin needs a good combination of both. This hydrating mask immediately boosts water into skin cells, vegetarian hyaluronic acid locks in hydration while rose hydrosol, cucumber juice calms and soothes.

Formula: Aqua Boost is a fabulous moisture mask that makes your skin feel comfortable and refreshed. It moisturizes the skin without any irritations or breakouts. I felt better applying a facial oil afterwards because my skin is super dry but it did soothe the redness that my skin is prone to. The added natural ingredients makes me want to use the mask even more and it adds that spa feeling to your at home skincare routine. Browse the link below to shop the site.

Availability: 100 Percent Pure Aqua Boost, $32 3.4 oz


  1. I love using the brand's body scrubs. They're so lush.

  2. I haven't tried the scrubs yet.

    Thanks XOXO

  3. Sounds nice. I might need to try this. Haven't tried that many products from 100% Pure.


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