With a look that has inspired different subcultures and substyles, punk is back on trend. This time around it's adding interchangeable plaid and prairie styles that mesh so well into the background of it's iconic counterpart. Plaid and punk have always been synonymous with the edgy, street wear, rock -n- roll vibe and yet, the subdued hippy, prairie pieces fit right in. I'm totally loving these looks. Imagine Sid & Nancy trolling the London streets with a twinge of little house on the prairie. For me, it's like urban fashion warfare. City, country and mountain mamma all rolled into one. And who the heckity hoo does not love plaid? Seriously. In other news, the prairie phenomenon has also taken over the home decor trend this year. Walmart even has their own prairie kitchen collection and speaking of home goods, have you been to Target lately? Target is PLAID central, and that includes product bottles such as Listerine, all decked out in tartan glory. There's something so festive about plaid designs this time of year anyway, but throw in some cool punk, tempered only by country chic and you have a fabulously singular way to mix up prints and patterns in the upcoming months. You likey? Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 Target home, kitchen and product collection, now in holiday plaid



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