I purchased this gorgeous limited edition Sephora Alchemy Pro Airbrush #55 during my birthday haul and never had a chance to review it. Oddly enough, Sephora is no longer selling in online in the USA, instead it's available on the Canada site only. Weird. I have noticed that they have been doing this with a few products and I'm glad I grabbed some items before they were gone. The pro brushes are permanent staples in their collection so I have no idea why they would stop selling them in the states. Very weird indeed. If you purchased one beforehand you're lucky, otherwise stalk your Canadian friends for help in purchasing one. I have both the older #55 and the new #55 including this version of the #55 and honestly the silver (platinum) collection is by far the best. I don't understand why they changed the bristles. It's a top selling brush that everyone raves about so why go and alter it. Why? The new version has thinner bristles and a longer handle. It's wispier. The original had a more dense and fluffy brush head. It's still a fairly decent brush. I hope they don't mess with the #56 because that is my all time fave. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Sephora’s bestselling brush to create a
 truly airbrushed finish—now in the bold, 
floral Still Life Alchemy print.

The handles are created using a
 decoupage process. Gorgeous floral and 
rose paper print is glued and glossed
 over the brush handles.

Achieve your ideal look with this brush 
specially designed to create a smooth, 
natural-makeup finish. The synthetic 
bristles ensure smooth, streak-free application 
and optimal payoff with all of your favorite 
liquid, cream, and powder formulas. The 
rounded shape and longer bristles flex with 
the skin and produce beautiful, airbrushed results.

Alchemy shown above with the platinum #55 
pro brush. The platinum #55 is the older version, 
the new one in black has the same bristles as 
the Alchemy #55. IMO, the older brush was
 more efficient. I'll review the difference soon.

Opinion: Firstly, the construction is beautiful. It's created using a decoupage process. I had a decoupage period where I played around with furniture pieces so that I may add a vintage feel to them. Alas, those pieces are history. Anyway, back to the brush. I have a feeling that I'll be really careful when using this brush because it look fragile, especially when cleaning it under water. The bristles are different here than from the original #55, they are longer, wispier and less dense. It works wonders on creating a flawless finish but somehow the older design was much more efficient. However, it's a gorgeous piece to add to your collection, if you can find it on the Canadian site.

Availability: Sephora, Not online. Check stores or Sephora Canada, $34


  1. Thank you for explaining this mystery to me. I had the brush listed on my wish list but I couldn't understand why the purchase link was not clickable <3

  2. Nice photos :) Maria V.

    Thanks Maria!

    No links are allowed XOXO

  3. do you still have this brush? i wish i could find it to buy it, its beautiful

  4. HI! do you still have the brush? I've been desperately trying to find it to buy it for months. i think it is absolutely beautiful <3

  5. Hello,
    yes I have it but am not selling it. Last time I check it was available on Sephora Canada. So maybe a Canadian friend can help you out. Or check Ebay. Good luck!


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