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Her name was Lola... I love that this discreet little box has my nickname on it. Ladies, we need this service in our lives. I am talking about LOLA, the new Tampon Subscription Box. Genius, right? Well there are all other types of box services out on the market, so why not one for tampons. Boxed living is the new black. The lovely staff over at Lola was kind enough to ask me to participate in this campaign and they sent me my first box to test out. Now I know a lot of you are thinking, a tampon is a tampon, but Lola tampons are made from natural fibers and are biodegradable. Good for you. Good for the environment. Membership also allows you to customize your own box, in whatever quantity or absorbancy that you need. Stay fresh! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 Ordinary tampons are made from synthetics 
like rayon and polyester. LOLA tampons
 are 100% cotton, which means they're 
100% natural, 100% biodegradable,
 and 100% easy to feel good about.

This too shall pass... How cute!

  Forget about those frantic drugstore runs. 
We deliver exactly what you need when you 
need it. And not to worry, commitment
 phobes, you can pause, adjust, or cancel 
your subscription anytime.

 Unlike the major tampon brands that don't disclose their ingredients, we tell you absolutely everything. No BS, no mystery fibers, no more doubts about what's going in your body.

 How it works:
Choose your assortment, box quantity 
and the frequency that you'd like them 
delivered to your door step. Easy!
If you don't like subscriptions, you can adjust, 
skip or cancel anytime! 
First 2 Boxes for $9!

Opinion: Lola is amazing. It safeguards you from running out of tampons to make certain that you're always wells stocked. What I really love is that the tampons are made from natural fibers without any chemicals. That is a huge plus because I am concerned about what goes into my body. Plus they're biodegradable and safe for the environment. The tampons are small enough to tuck into pockets, purse and can be stored in it's own box. The box is discreet and plain so you can stash it out in the open in your bathroom. The service is easy and allows you to adjust your own preferences so it truly fits your needs. Commitment is not an issue because you can skip months or cancel at any time. The price points are really affordable and the fibers are healthier than drug store brands. As a matter of fact, I cannot seem to find any con's. LOLA is a go! Click below to get started.

Availability: Lola Subscription Box, one box $10, 2 $18


  1. Sounds interesting. Environmental friendly and toxic free tampons are great selling points.


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