I was finally able to purchase a couple more of the sold out iT brushes after Ulta Beauty restocked them a few weeks back. This review is for the iT Cosmetics Velvet Luxe Empress Fan Brush #324. It's such a unique, large brush that I had to have it. It slightly reminds me of a little Chinese, bamboo fan brush that I had as a teenager. While the shape is impressive in style and design, it does serve as a useful beauty tool for all over face sweeping, contouring the cheekbones and as a body brush. You will certainly feel like an empress when you display it on your vanity table. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

This brush is designed for multiple beauty needs for face and body. Jumbo luxe, ultra-soft brush hairs are designed to apply powder to your face and body seamlessly. Pairs well with your favorite powders. In a sweeping motion, 
apply product on desired area of the face. 

Hair: Award-winning, IT Cosmetics Heavenly luxe ultra soft, synthetic hair. Unique Detail: Exclusive Logo designed by Jamie Kern Lima to inspire women to look, feel and live beautifully. Handle Detail: Silver streamlined handle is weighted for controlled application and delivers a truly special experience. Handle Shape: Artisan-crafted tapered handle for simple yet precise application. Comes with IT's 
own Luxury Velvet storage pouch.

Opinion: The brush handle and feature are exactly as my previous Velvet Luxe brush reviews. You can find those linked in the brush category on the blog's sidebar. The fan section is an impressive size, about three inches in width, the bristles are firmly packed/dense -- yet super soft! -- and when used vertically, contouring is made easy. As with the other luxe brushes, it has a gorgeous Swarovski crystal on the handle's tip. I use it for a quick all over sweep on my face and on the shoulders or arms for when applying shimmer powder. I definitely recommend it as a splurge buy!

Availability: Ulta Beauty iT Cosmetics Empress Brush, $48 


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