A few months back I posted a review on the TKO Jump Rope, which can be found by clicking here, and today I'll be posting a quick DIY on how to size it. Most jump ropes are generally long when purchased and in order to use them, you'll need to fit the rope to your own height. It's a simple process that takes about ten minutes to complete.

What you need: sharp scissors, jump rope

First, step on your jump rope -- see image  -- 
and find the length where it reaches 
under your armpits and mark 
the spot on the rope with a marker.

Now, remove yellow caps on each side of the handles. It takes a little budging but they pop open easily with a little twist. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or else the caps will break.

Then very carefully pry open the little black stopper piece so you can roll it off of the tubing. Be careful as not to over expand it or the stopper will not hold when reapplied to the tubing. Now cut the excess rope where you placed your marker on, the length that fit under your armpits. Simply slide the stopper back onto the newly sized tubing, tighten the spokes in place and snap the caps back on. Repeat process on the other side of the handles. You're done! Jump away for fitness and fun! Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Female fitness image found on web. Please email for credit


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