Graffiti (/ɡrəˈfti/; Italian[ɡrafˈfiːti]; plural of graffito: The phenomenon of scribbled, scratched, tagged and spray painted words on urban walls, is making is way into Fall 2015 Fashion. For most people graffiti was considered dirty, explicit vandalism during the eighties, at the height of its artistic power. For street kids and artists, it was the ultimate form of expression, taking center stage along the growth of hip-hop culture into the mainstream world. And because graffiti allowed society to voice a message through art, whether it be a political or artistic one, for this reason the concept works well with fashion. One can argue that fashion is a type of graffiti in the the sense designers mark their territory with signature details using a dress as a canvas, create a unique style and cater to the current trends that society craves. And let's not forget how fashion is often used as a billboard with clever and political messages printed on sweaters. Fall 2015 revamps graffiti in all aspects of life: from fashion, home decor, art and even specialty food service -- see graffiti wedding cakes shown in included photo's. I'm so super, super excited. I just can't. Like, I can't even. Bye... Stay Beautiful! XOXO

Check out some graffiti, servings as a 
backdrop in the iconic movie Beat Street, 
that showcased the rise of hip hop
music into mainstream culture

Did you know graffiti dates back to Ancient, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire, in the form of simple words to more elaborate paintings. Modern graffiti as we know it, originated in Philadelphia, during the 1960's. Then again, peaking during the mid to late seventies with it's global rise during the eighties in New York.

 Inspiration on how to vandalize your bedroom
Take your wall art up a notch.

 A Graffiti wedding cake anyone?
Or perhaps a bold back-splash for the kitchen

 Keith Haring printed cushions add a more 
sophisticated touch to modern decor
While graffiti printed messenger bags
are perfect back to school accessories

*images found on web: If you own any, please email me for credit*


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