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This is the third type of konjac sponge that I have tried and it's on par with the big name brands such as Boscia. 100 Percent Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge is a great way to circulate and exfoliate the skin naturally, using konjac plant and charcoal. It's also a nice alternative to abrasive cleansing cloths for those with sensitive skin. Stay Beautiful! XOXO

 With a recent surge of facial cleansing tools,
 we wanted to offer a natural option.The konjac sponge is rich in vitamins and extremely gentle on skin. The squishy sponge can be used as a daily, gentle exfoliation without irritating the skin. We’ve added charcoal bamboo, which acts like a magnet pulling impurities, dirt and makeup 
from skin, making it more effective than our bare hands. It is naturally alkaline which neutralizes 
pH, leaving your skin perfectly balanced

First off, run it under water to fully saturate the sponge. You can choose to use it with or without cleanser. If chosen to use on its own; this is great for morning washes when you are bare faced with only remnants of your night care. Or use it in sync with your favorite cleanser to remove all makeup and impurities. Ingredients Konjac Plant, Bamboo, Charcoal

Opinions: The 100 Percent Pure konjac sponge is easy to use and the natural material feels like jelly, plus it is extremely gentle on the skin. This one feels like it's plush and well constructed, unlike other imitation konjac material found online. My skin felt softer to the touch after use. With this type of cleansing tool, the brand recommends that you replace it every three months. A fabulous little face tool that is worth the splurge. Purchase your own on the link below.

Availability: 100 Percent Pure Charcoal Konjac Sponge $12


  1. Sounds like an amazing sponge.

  2. Everyone is blogging about this type of sponge. I am seriously thinking of trying one.


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